Dead Zebra’s Heroes and Villains 2 Android collectibles now available for $40



For many of the folks unlucky enough to miss the San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend — where you had a chance to buy figurines from Dead Zebra’s Heroes and Villains 2 collection — not all hope is lost. The company has put the figurines up for sale on their website.

You’ll get 4 figurines — two villains and two heroes — for $40, each coming with its own window box so collectors won’t have to break that precious seal. Of course, these things are bound to fly off their warehouse shelves so they’re limiting purchases to 2 units per household.

Featured in the set are four cheekily-themed characters:

  • BotMan (Hero), made to look like Batman. Hehe.
  • Super User (Hero), Superman, duh.
  • A/B Tester (Villain), Two Face. He really does have two faces.
  • Professor Eval() (Villain) — welp, that’s the extent of my comic book knowledge. No idea who this is supposed to be.

Coders, rooters and Android geeks alike ought to get a kick out of those names and the villains they take their “inspiration” from. You can order a set from Dead Zebra’s site now if you’re interested, though we’re not sure how long stock will last so don’t wait too long.

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  1. “welp, that’s the extent of my comic book knowledge”
    But you still can google, no? “superman professor evil”

    1. Looks kinda like Dr. No/Dr. Evil to me.

      1. That’s what I thought too. But assuming Batman was paired with 2face, I figured the second villain must be from Superman line. And all four are from DC Universe.

      2. I think it’s Dr. Evil from austin powers.

  2. I would love to get these but I don’t have a man cave and my current collection has been banned by the wife from going out of the box in my new house. So I have 20 Android figs just sitting in the garage.

    1. Want to sell? Contact me on gplus if you do :) You can’t just let them sit in a box!

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