Jul 23rd, 2014

Ever wanted to unlock your smartphone by pressing it up against your body? Me neither, but Motorola felt the need to introduce new “digital tattoos” that stick to your skin and can unlock your Moto X via a simple tap. The tattoo is a super thin adhesive that shimmers on your wrist and can last for up to five days showering, swimming and other “vigorous activities.”

The stickers are made by VivaLink, a company that specializes in miniaturizing RF technology and making it flexible enough to use in scenarios like these. They say it’s so thin and light that you won’t even notice you’re wearing it from day to day.

vivlnk gif

Their motive? They say they want people to start taking smartphone security seriously. Motorola found that it takes most people around 2.3 seconds to unlock their smartphone using traditional methods, and that they tend to do it around 40 times a day. That’s so inconvenient that most people don’t even bother setting up lock-screen security.

We’re not sure how accurate that statement is, but I can tell you I’m one of those people (though I guess it doesn’t hurt that I’m mostly at home anyway). So how can you get some of your own?


VivaLnk sells them in packs of 10 at their website. They cost $10 per pack, though, which just might be too expensive when considering they don’t last for more than a few days. But if you’re OK with that price and wouldn’t mind a new way to unlock your Moto X this is one interesting option. Head here to purchase a pack.

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