HTC smartwatch makes brief appearance in behind the scenes video


htc-smartwatch-large desk

2014 is the year of the smartwatch and with Android’s leading manufacturers all releasing their take on the “modern timepiece,” there was little doubt HTC wouldn’t follow suit with their own entry. Last week we got a possible first look at what HTC could be planning for their wearable, showing a square-ish design along with HTC’s trademark BlinkFeed on a small scale.

If that leak wasn’t enough ya (perhaps you were really hoping for a round watchface a la the Moto 360) it appears HTC may have slipped and shown off their upcoming watch in their latest behind the scenes design video. Spotted by HTCSource, the video was actually uploaded to YouTube nearly 2 weeks ago but it’s only today the discovery has been made public.

htc-smartwatch desk close up

Once again, we’re seeing that familiar square design as it appears on one designers desk and after zooming in, HTC’s familiar BlinkFeed clock widget can be made out. Okay, so that one is a little tough to make out but the video continues showing one designer working on a 3D render of the watch. For a split second, we even get a look at the back which appears to have some kind of connecting points near the bottom.

htc-smartwatch-animation GIF

We know, it’s not much but with Android Wear being all the rage these days, we’re sure you’re already trying to weigh your options. Not only that, it’s always fun to search for little Easter eggs — whether unintentional or not — in behind the scenes videos like this. Not sure how HTC managed to let this one slip by.

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  1. another square watch..womp womp

    1. Actually, the 1st square Android Wear watch. The current 2 are rectangles.

      1. Actually all three of them are sucktangles

        1. LMAO!!!!!!!

    2. If a round display was a good thing then monitors on our desktops and laptops would be round. I just don’t get why people are hung up on the idea of round watches, the only reason most watches have been round was due to analog watches, we are long past needing hands on watch. Don’t get me wrong the design of the Moto 360 looks nice but I’d rather have function over form any day otherwise I’d be using an iPhone.

      1. A round watch is an example of function and form and for many people they’re equally important when it comes to any product not just phones. i don’t see what can be done on a rectangle/square watch that can’t be done on a round one. plenty of people are holding out for the moto 360. there’s lots of square shaped watches out for you already and besides the samsung gear watches they will run android wear so idk what your gripe is.

        1. My gripe isn’t that a round watch is bad my gripe is the number of people that dismiss anything that isn’t round. I like the aesthetic design of both but I prefer the rectangular design as it has more efficient real estate for reading text. This said I’m happy there is a choice for everyone (or there will soon be) and wish people would spend more time advocating what they like instead of dismissing what they don’t.

  2. I’m excited to see it when it’s released.

  3. No thanks on the square and rectangle watches. I’d prefer the Moto 360 or something like one of those creative Nokia phones in the past. Cmon guys, get creative and fashionable at the same time.

  4. My HTC One M8 owning friend has been envying my Gear Live but I can tell he doesn’t want to have the same watch as me. He’s also avoiding the G Watch for it’s plain appearance. This HTC might be just what he needs to jump on board the Android Wear train..(since he loves his M8 so much).

    1. Sounds like you have a crush on your friend…

  5. I’d be okay with a square watch, if they keep bezels to an anorexic level.

  6. Things like these aren’t accidental leaks they are preliminary hype and controlled leaks. HTC is trying to get some watch mindshare until they are ready to release.

  7. “All the rage”, I don’t blame people being mad as heck for shelling out hundreds for a useless device you have to charge everyday. Andwatches targets for the Google Mothership.

    1. A useless device? Have you even tried one? They are far from useless. As far as charging it every night I don’t see the problem given that every night I go to sleep and have a perfect time window for charging all my devices.

      1. That extra device you have to plug into your surge protector, though. =.[

    2. If devices are useless, why do you come to this site that’s electronics oriented?

    3. Your phone battery last any better than that watch? Because if you were to have constant screen on time I’m sure you won’t even get more than a few hours vs the watch running much longer.

  8. If it truly is Android Wear, then it won’t have Blinkfeed, unless you’re just talking about a clock font.

  9. I love you htc but moto360 here I come(if it ever gets released)

  10. Aw… I was feeling the circular design. I was hoping HTC would go with that. However, looking to the right of the gif, you can see what seems to be a circular shape on top of a square. Could they also be looking into circular watches?

    Before anything, are these watches even water proof to some degree? That’s what I really need. I’d hate to have to take my watch off only because it’s raining outside.

    If not, looks like I’ll be getting some cheap wristwatch from my local dollar store. =.[

    1. I think I read something along the lines of IP67, but don’t quote me.

      Though they have some water resistance, if it starts pouring that thing is going in my pocket. I only trust my ‘dumb’ watches in the water.

      1. I’ll do my research on the bus tomorrow. If all else fells, there’s still Pebble.

        1. I’ve been working with Android Wear in Seattle, and it was raining terribly today. No issues at all. They’re not completely water-proof, but they’re definitely water-resistant. No need to worry about rain or washing your hands or anything like that.

  11. I’m fine with a square face as long as it’s not massive (in any dimension). I have a square (read more rectangle) traditional watch that I throw in the mix occasionally.

  12. BOX BOX BOX BOX on wrist

  13. Oh man HTC, just when Moto was my top choice you reel me back into confusion.

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