Snapchat adds Geofilters, location-based photo stickers and labels [VIDEO]


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Snapchat announced a new feature rolling out for their wildly popular app that’s sure to make teens and tweens squeal with joy. They’re called Geofilters and starting today, users will be able to add photo stickers and labels that are unique to their specific location.

For instance, should you find yourself Snapchatting a photo while visiting the Disneyland park, you’ll find Disneyland specific stickers like the logo or stickers available in the photo preview mode (swiping right before snapping a pic). Same goes areas of interest like the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, or Times Square. As you may have guess, Geofilters are only available for neighborhoods inside Los Angeles and New York at the moment, but secret overlays — like this one at the Facebook HQ in San Francisco — may also be lurking in popular location spots.

Snapchat assures users that while they’ll need to enable location services for the app, location information will be virtually shredded (just like their photos). While fun, it’s easy to see where Snapchat plans on taking this. With Snapchat’s wide user base, it’s not hard to imagine companies or retailers like Coca-Cola or Levis paying to add their own brands to the mix.

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  1. Cool idea

  2. meh, kinda seems like a lot of work for a 7 second photo. I’d rather have a way to take longer videos and edit them down to the right length, it’s so hard to get a video recording at the perfect moment, especially if you are trying to match it up to something on a dvr.

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