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We know the life of an Android user can be overwhelming— keeping up with all the latest happenings via Phandroid is hard enough. Missing out on all the awesome content over at Android Forums is simply a shame, however, so we’re doing you a solid and rounding up some of the best threads of the previous week for your perusal.

This week we have the story of an Android user taking an iPhone for a spin, the debut of Android Wear, new accessory reviews, and more. While you’re checking things out, don’t forget to sign up for an account. Here we go!

Android user tries the iPhone for a month, his opinion might not be what you expect


Longtime lurker and first time poster JDL7 recently had the misfortune of dropping his Android phone into a bucket full of water. With few options in terms of a cheap replacement, he decided to purchase a friend’s old iPhone 4 for $50. So what did he think? Without giving everything away (you should go read his full write-up now), he was left with an opinion that was a bit more positive than perhaps he even expected. Elsewhere, Android Forums users debate whether or not iOS has done enough to stay competitive with the software features found in Android.

Android Wear debuts


The first devices running Google’s Android Wear became available to the general public this week, meaning there is no better time than now to go check out our new forum dedicated to smartwatches and other wearables utilizing the platform. Sticking a bit with the Apple v. Android theme, one post seeing some traction asks how Android Wear devices like the LG G Watch and Moto 360 will hold up against Apple’s long-rumored iWatch.

LG G3 comes to the US


The hype train has arrived at the station as the LG G3 officially went on sale today in the US via AT&T and Sprint. A hot topic on the forums since it was announced in May, a new thread has arrived for US owners of the phone to discuss availability, carrier-based options, and experiences with the version of the phone slightly different than its Korean counterpart. For those picking up the phone today, a tips and tricks thread has you covered when it comes to getting the most out of the G3. If you’ve got some advice of your own, any additions are more than welcome.

Twister reviews Android gadgets and accessories


Have you checked out Twister’s review roundup thread? The exhaustive list covers all sorts of Android goodies, including headphones, speakers, phone mounts and cases, portable battery packs, and much more. His latest takes a look at the Ostry KC06 and KC06A headphones, but chances are if you are considering an accessory purchase Twister has already checked it out.

And so much more…

Like what you see here and want even more Android debate and discussion? Be sure to sign up for an account over at Android Forums if you haven’t done so already. The always growing community of Android fans and enthusiasts — one of the largest on the web — will welcome you with open arms (and threads).

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