Wearable Widgets allows you to put any widget on your smartwatch


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Google may have intended Android Wear to be used for simple tasks and notifications, but that isn’t stopping Android devs from trying to do more. One example of this is an app called “Wearable Widgets.” With this app you can put any widget on your Android Wear device. Even widgets that make absolutely no sense on a watch. No root or special tinkering required.

Setting this up is very simple. First, download the Wearable Widgets app from the Play Store. Open the Wearable Widgets card on your watch, a list of your widgets will come up, just choose the one you want. The app sends the widget from your phone to your watch. Interacting with the widget on your watch translates to your phone. For example, could turn off WiFi on your phone from the Power Control widget on your watch. Some apps will be more useful than others.

We should also mention that Wearable Widgets works with Google Glass and Sony Smartwatches as well. If you have any of these devices, including Android Wear, you can download it below from Google Play for free. Happy widgeting!

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  1. Well guess I gotta buy a watch now

  2. Pretty sweet. works with my Nexus 5 and G Watch. Watch stock Nexus 5 Unlocked and Rooted factory 4.4.4

  3. Can not get it to work on a stock G2 with a stock G watch. Gives an “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.” error msg and does closes.

  4. Ewwww. ;)

  5. This combined with Beautiful Widgets is BOSS!

    1. That’s exactly what I thought. WHY NOT?! There are plenty of widgets that have clock AND lots of other useful information.

  6. Now I need a mikandi widget.

  7. A rectangular watch with a round watch face widget… Ya that’s real sexy. NOT!!!

  8. Pretty much this can make any app on the market, with a widget, to work on Wear. Amazing.

  9. I find square watches so ugly. I don’t want to micro tablet on my wrist . Looking forward to the Moto 360

  10. Is there any way to get the widget to stay up on the screen?

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