Talon for Twitter receives Material design update exclusively for Android L users [DOWNLOAD]


Talon for Twitter Material design update

We’ve been following Klinker Apps’ work for quite sometime now. Makers of EvolveSMS, Sliding Messaging and more, developer Luke Klinker took to his Google+ page this evening to showcase his latest work. Turns out, he’s been hard at work redesigning his popular Twitter app, Talon, using Android L’s new Material guidelines.

The animation heavy app isn’t exactly ready for prime time (even if it was, Google wont allow developers to publish Android L apps in the Play Store during the preview period) and it’s only available for devices running the Android L Developer Preview. You’ll notice a handy floating “+” compose button in the corner and although we can’t show it off in pictures, the app features a plethora of animations unique to Android L’s Material design (click on the expanded tweet view to see what we mean, you wont regret it).

Klinker was kind enough to provide a direct download link to the newly updated app as a — you guessed it — early preview of what’s to come. With that in mind, he’s not looking for bug reports or feedback of any kind. At least not yet. This is merely a way for everyone can see and feel the beautify that is Matias Duarte’s Material design in action. Download link provided below.

Download: Talon for Twitter (Android L)

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  1. Welp, time to switch clients.

  2. If I buy a bunch of colored pages and cut shapes out of them and put them together, I would get this interface. I can do that with South Park characters too. What I cannot do is craft metallic interfaces with felt and glass and on a marble table; that is just too sophisticated for modern designers.

  3. I’ve tried to download a few times and keep getting a corrupt apk

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