YouTube is quietly testing 1080p option for their Android app


YouTube 1080p Android

You may remember the big hoopla that was made after the folks at Google finally updated the YouTube app for Android with the ability to choose an actual 720p HD stream. We know many of you were surprised to find that after all this time, you actually weren’t watching YouTube videos in the full HD resolution, even when phones with 1080p displays are now pretty much commonplace.

Well, praise the Google gods that be, it seems they’re finally addressing this issue in the backend. According to some Android users, they’ve reported seeing the option to stream in 1080p popping up on their devices (480p too). This lets us know that Google is, at the very least, already testing the feature. It’s not 100%, and you wont see the option appear for every video, but shout out below if you’re seeing the new 1080p option on your phone.

[Google+ | via AP]

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  1. Please, list the videos that support 1080p resolution. Thanks!

    1. I’m assuming it’ll be just like it is on a desktop view. If the video doesn’t have 1080p or certain resolutions, it won’t show as an option.

    2. Just do a search for 1080p

      1. i did and still cap me at 720p.

        1. Just tell me what video is being displayed in this picture.

      2. Capped out at 720p still.

  2. FINALLY is an understatement.

  3. Nice… I just want the ability to control resolution like I can on my iPad…

  4. It amazes me at some of the things Google falls behind in.

  5. MKBHD in 720p

    1. I had 1080p available a few days ago on my One M8 on MKBHD vids. I thought it was odd because I remember the update specifying that it only went up to 720p.

  6. I wish Google would fix the pop up next video AD glitch. Everytime I get the next video pop up my navigation and notification bar get stuck and don’t go away. I end up losing screen real estate and it will not go away until i close the app completely and reopen again!

    Has anyone else faced this problem?

  7. This is good to know.

  8. So on my ipad I can get option to get 1080p but on my nexus 10 last youtube update made it 720p …then here is the bite in nexus 10 I get the link to buy the song in iTunes. .what planet are we in …

  9. And we already have QHD screen, that makes sense.

  10. If available I always prefer to watch 4K or 1440p youtube on PC with 1080p display for more detail. Maybe we will see more options soon on the app.

    1. I think you need 4k display to watch full 4k video. Just like you need 4k tv to watch 4k video

      1. On PC watching youtube 4k video on 1080p display is better than watching 1080p video on 1080p. Youtube 1080p videos are compressed to the max and it looks crap.

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  12. What is this? Samsung is making something pretty cool ;)

  13. Glad to know they added/fixed this as I have been waiting for it.
    Tested quick with a video from XDA and could choose 1080p on my G2 without a problem.

  14. I just got this on my N7 2013 but without an update, man this is great!

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