Gameloft announces new titles for E3 2014: Asphalt Overdrive, Spider-Man Unlimited, Modern Combat 5 Blackout, and more


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E3 2014 is off in full swing and along with big name game studios announcing their latest titles for our home consoles, Gameloft is doing the same with mobile. The mobile games publisher had a few new games to announce at the show, starting with Asphalt Overdrive, their newest take on the arcade racer.

Asphalt Overdrive

Don’t call it Asphalt 9 — Asphalt Overdrive is a completely different fish (more of a spin-off). With gameplay that closely mimics endless runners, the game is not only played in portrait mode, but features swipe-able controls similar to titles like Subway Surfers. Again, this is not a race. Instead, Overdrive will have you completing missions, running from the cops, taking down other cars, and performing stunts — all with iconic cars from your favorite 80’s shows (A-Team van, Magnum PI’s Ferrari, Knight Riders’ black Trans Am).

Modern Combat 5

Another iteration of Gameloft’s widely popular Modern Combat franchise is making its debut with Modern Combat 5 Blackout, coming soon to mobile devices. MC5 will feature… well, more of everything you love about the FPS genre, only shrunken down for your Android smartphone or tablet. The game’s main draw is the 4 new character classes: heavy, recon, assault, and sniper. Modern Combat 5 will have a multiplayer mode for gaming with friends and arguably the best part about the new title is that it will be a paid premium title, none of that freemium stuff. Modern Combat 5 Blackout will hit app stores for around $7 when it debuts later this year.

Spider-Man Unlimited

And if endless running is your thing, you’re in luck. Gameloft’s Spider-Man Unlimited combines that tried-and-true classic gameplay with your favorite Marvel franchise. SMU features Spidey in a variety of his iconic suits — Iron Spider, Spider-Man Noir, Ends of the Earth — as he faces off against his usual foes. Gameloft shows us the Green Goblin and Vulture at the end of their new trailer.

Along with the aforementioned titles, Ice Age Adventures, Rival Knights: Cars, and Dungeon Gems were also announced at E3, although there wasn’t much information about those titles currently. Gameloft is streaming a variety of these new titles live via their Twitch account, so check that out if you have a chance.

[Gameloft on Twitch | Gameloft E3 2014 schedule]

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  1. So the new Asphalt sounds pretty lame but if MC5 is really a premium app without the IAPs that would be awesome!

    1. Yeah right, Gameloft not going the IAP route, good luck w/ that ;)

  2. That’s a pretty boring lineup.

  3. Love modern combat 4 actually have become quit good at it! Lol

  4. Whoa, MC5 is on windows phone! Was this the case with MC4?

  5. Overdrive looks like a huge letdown compared to previous titles. I hope they come up with a successor to Airborne soon.

  6. People complaining about these games are unbelievable. I think we all forgot that 5-6 years ago we were all playing a grayscale snake game on Nokia brick phones.

    1. Consumers complaining about the pricing models used by the likes of Gameloft are making valid points. When you see in-app prices like this how you can you not criticize the money-hungry devs?

      1. Yea I agree 100000% I HATE when devs do that. But that aside, games on Android look amazing these days.

  7. Getting a bit of GTA Vice City vibe from Asphalt Overdrive.

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