Jun 5th, 2014

Moto X Plus 1 screenshot

A quick history of Motorola devices will tell you they have yet to release a smartphone with a full HD 1080p display. Tell us why then — when talking about their new Android 4.4.3 feature that allows users to disable the carrier name from being displayed in the status bar — Motorola VP of Product Management Punit Soni posted a screenshot of a phone with a 1080×1920 resolution display? Weird? Not really.

We’ve heard rumors that the upcoming Motorola Moto X+1 would arrive with a more up-to-date full HD display. While nothing is confirmed, it’s highly unlikely Soni would be using some other Android device to show off a new Motorola feature, so this could be our confirmation that the Moto X+1 will, in fact, feature a 1080p display.

Anyone surprised? Relieved? After checking out current flagships, this Android blogger has his money on the Moto X+1 as his next smartphone purchase. Let’s hope Motorola doesn’t hold back much this time around.


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