Motorola exec posts 1080p screenshot, could it be from the Moto X+1?


Moto X Plus 1 screenshot

A quick history of Motorola devices will tell you they have yet to release a smartphone with a full HD 1080p display. Tell us why then — when talking about their new Android 4.4.3 feature that allows users to disable the carrier name from being displayed in the status bar — Motorola VP of Product Management Punit Soni posted a screenshot of a phone with a 1080×1920 resolution display? Weird? Not really.

We’ve heard rumors that the upcoming Motorola Moto X+1 would arrive with a more up-to-date full HD display. While nothing is confirmed, it’s highly unlikely Soni would be using some other Android device to show off a new Motorola feature, so this could be our confirmation that the Moto X+1 will, in fact, feature a 1080p display.

Anyone surprised? Relieved? After checking out current flagships, this Android blogger has his money on the Moto X+1 as his next smartphone purchase. Let’s hope Motorola doesn’t hold back much this time around.


Chris Chavez
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  1. Full HD in what should be a relatively small package with always listening capabilities and a near stock UI sounds nice.

    1. Yup, it will probably be my next phone, the M8, S5 and even the G3 couldn’t get me to upgrade from my HTC One M7 but if Motorola does this right, this will.

  2. I’ll be honest in that I prefer 720p. That resolution looks great on the Moto X and still very good even on the Moto G. The only reason why I initially cared about 1080p was because Android doesn’t allow you to select the resolution for HDMI-out, which caused some issues with my old 800×480 Galaxy S2. Using a 1080p device made it fit properly. Using a 720p device for video out lead to scaling issues, but is overall tolerable.

    My preference for 720p stems from system overhead (games tend to run at device native res, meaning lower frame rate on higher end displays), less heat, and better battery life. I have yet to see a practical reason for 1080p or higher on a 5″ or smaller display, and higher than 1080p on anything under 6″. But I guess specs on paper matter…

    1. specs on paper matter to those who have nothing else to talk about

    2. It really does look great.

    3. I enjoy the extra clarity of 1080p, but I don’t think it matters on anything under 5 inches. 720p looks great on the Moto X, it’s just that oversaturated AMOLED that kills me.

      1. Yep, all i’ve wanted for them is to have color calibration on the X+1 similar to GS5. With the non-pentile OLED 720p is great on the Moto X, unlike most other OLEDs (GS5 inlcuded) that are pentile that need a higher resolution.

  3. As long as its at or under 5 inch screen…withose thin bezels…I’m game…I am also satisfied with 720p…….

    1. My thoughts, exactly. Only tech board snobs look down on the current Moto screen. Whenever I show someone in the real world a video on my phone they ooh and ahh, commenting on how fantastic my screen is.

      1. ‘tech board snobs.’ Well they might know what their talking about. The amoled calibration on the Moto is awful. You’d have to be just another high-street bone-head to be attracted to it like a bee to a flower just because it’s vibrant.

        What’s the point of a screen that doesn’t display colours accurately? Do you punch up the colour saturation on your tv to ludicrous levels? Prob not. At least Samsung (who I have little love for) include the professional/cinema modes for accurate presentation.

        1. Point proven. Only a “tech board snob” would even care to write any of what you just did. Keep your nose up.

          ….And just to humor you, YES, my HD tv at home does resemble my Moto X’s screen more than it does the Nexus 5, for instance.

          1. I’d be willing to bet that in a poll (make it happen phandroid staff!) the VAST majority of anyone who is enough of a ‘tech snob’ (god knows why you’re using social class metaphors) to simply know what phandroid.com is, probably also cares about whether a prospective phone purchase is going to have a decently calibrated screen.

            It’s details like this, performance and design that are the very reason anyone cares about reading phone reviews. They’re all comparable to each other generally when it comes to the core phone/text/browsing triad.

          2. Clearly you just don’t get it, and probably never will, considering you’re suggesting a Phandroid poll to settle this matter. My original point remains. The general public, ie, the MAJORITY of smartphone buyers do NOT think the Moto X’ screen is “not properly calibrated.” They don’t think about “calibration,” period. They think the phone looks fantastic, and as long as the screen has not only “satisfied,” but managed to “wow” and “impress” the person who is actually paying for and/or using the phone, THAT is all that matters, certainly not what some snob thinks about “proper calibration.”

          3. Then you need to calibrate your TV. Very easy to do.

          4. Actually, I don’t need to do anything because MY tv, that I bought, with MY money, and watch with MY eyes is just how I like it. YOU people need to get over yourselves, and stop telling people what THEY need to do with THEIR things.

    2. I’m rocking a Nexus 5 and an Evo LTE. I personally have no preference between the two in regard to the screen. They’re close to the same size, and for me, they both look the same for the most part.

  4. Welcome to late 2012/2013 Motorola.

    1. And I guess you have all 8k TVs in your home. If not, welcome to 2005 or earlier AbbyZFresh.

    2. What’s wrong with 1080p? At that screen size, honestly, 2k screens are almost wasted.

  5. The guy was obviously using a Nexus 5. =T

    1. Jk… Idk :p

  6. Wonder if Verizon will lock down that feature? Can’t see them being happy with less than 3 instances of company branding on their phones.

  7. 316ppi is fine in the Moto X (it’s non-pentile anyway). Just fix the color calibration.

    1. While Moto X wasn’t PenTile, it uses a nontraditional pattern. It’s not a typical RGB stripe.

      1. True but I read it was an RGB element, just not a typical pattern (the blue is a thinner strip).


  8. 1080p is wasted on that Itty bitty screen.

    1. One thing I love about the Moto X is the size of the phone. I really hope it does not get bigger. Many of us do not want a larger phone. I can take an increase to 5 inches if it does not increase the size of the phone by much.

    2. Not at all.
      4k on that screen would be great. At that point we can considering finally killing anti-aliasing. That will be a glorious day for computing.

      1. It will only be glorious day for computer when we have 32k screens.

    3. 4.7 is itty bitty now? geez… 5.5 is entirely too large. It’s a phone after all.

      1. I realize it varies by individual but just I started using my Note 3 about 2 weeks ago… and while it seemed “comically huge” at the time, I don’t notice it now – so much so that now my wife’s S4 seems “comically tiny”.

  9. I was hoping they would stick with 720p, the Moto X due the resolution is a great for games, it’s providing similar framerates to Snapdragon 800/801 devices running 1080p.

    1. They are going to bump up the CPU anyway so it will not matter.

      1. CPU has nothing to do with the display resolution.

        Adreno 320 and 1280*720 combination makes gaming performance very smooth on the Moto X, it’s basically giving users the same performance in games as Adreno 330 and 1920*1080.

        Of course the best Android gaming mobile on the market is the Xperia Z1 Compact.

  10. 5 inch. 1080p. Near stock experience. Premium feel. Decent price. I’ll consider this a day 1 purchase if they match my short list. I wanted to hold out for the HTC E8, but it may not come to the US.

  11. pinEdit
    Evaluation 6.1.1029
    PLEASE don’t bloat up into SUV size like the current trend. The Mo-X fits so
    nicely in the hand… I’ll buy in for sure if they keep the physical size in

  12. It’s not going to be made in Ft Worth, so my interest is lessened.

  13. I’m still holding out for a just 5′ to sub-5′ top of the line phone. So far, 0 for whatever this year. Even considering an iPhone 4.7, but I’d rather have an Android. Hopefully, this will be the one.

  14. It wouldn’t be surprising that X+1 has a 1080p screen.. since it’s pretty much the mainstream resolution. Moto already have lower end devices with 720p. It would not make any sense to put 720p in their highest end device.

    1. I will take better battery life, lower cost, and plenty of PPI @ 720p over the having a higher resolution on paper.

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