This is exactly why I’m losing faith in Kickstarter (and why I wish I never backed Pressy) [OPINION]


Anyone who has followed my musings here on Phandroid knows I have been excited for Pressy. I’ve been excited since the day its Kickstarter went live. I pledged my bills just like everyone else, and have kept abreast of the project’s progress ever since.

pressy prototype

I went into it knowing full well what hurdles Kickstarter backers typically have to go through: delay after delay after delay. Whether it’s a manufacturing mishap, shipping issues, or project creators simply overestimating the capabilities of their production chain, I’ve come to expect that the “ship by” date will almost always come and go without fulfillment.

So I’ve been very patient with Pressy. I’ve been patient with all the projects I back. It does get annoying, but you will often put up with something if you really want it. What I can’t put up with, though, is a project turning out to be something other than what was originally promised.

In the case of Pressy, the offense is rather small in scope but big in principal: the companion app will be unavailable in the Google Play Store. The reason this is a big deal is because Pressy was adamant in saying that the app would be available in Google Play all throughout the campaign.

This is important for a lot of people — specifically, those who care about security and wish not to enable the installation of APKs from third-party sources. It’s more than security, too. Getting apps through the Google Play Store enables us to get hassle-free updates that our phones can apply on the fly and without effort, and it gives us a good place to share our thoughts on the app in the event that it isn’t everything we expected to be (or if we feel the opposite and simply feel like raving about its awesomeness).

pressy wire

I can’t say I fit into that category, because I do install tons of non-Google Play APKs for purposes of testing and reviewing. But when you tell me the app that is supposed to come with my overpriced clicky button is going to be in the Play Store, I want it to be in the Play Store (and so do many other backers, apparently).

Pressy has also made several design changes, such as the butt ugly keychain that we are getting instead of the original we were promised.

And I might have been able to stomach all of that if Pressy would have been open and upfront about all of it, but their lack of communication about delays, changes and other matters is simply unforgivable. The first scheduled delivery of April 28th came and went without a word from Pressy, and it was over two weeks since that date slipped since we first heard a peep out of them regarding what happened.

pressy recant

And we wouldn’t have heard about this latest scandal if not for someone who just so happened to see a response to a comment buried deep within one of Nimrod Back’s Facebook post. Not helping the matter is that they tried to deny ever saying it would be available in the Google Play Store despite their own update posts and the original Kickstarter post saying as much.

pressy ship date LOL

The more that I think about this situation, though, the more I realize that I’m not necessarily mad at Pressy — I’m more mad at myself for putting faith into yet another inexperienced Kickstarter hopeful who has done everything absolutely wrong. It’s become a trend by now, and one that will certainly make me rethink my decision to back any further projects in the future.

Perhaps my saltiness comes from the fact that other, arguably more superior, and less expensive solutions have launched since Pressy’s inception. Xiaomi with their MiKey comes to mind, as well as other “knock-offs” that can be found around the net. Hell, my phone comes with a Pressy by default just by installing a free app and using my volume buttons.

Pressy has done absolutely nothing to make me feel good about my decision to pay $20 for a piece of copper and plastic that probably costs them $.20 to produce. Perhaps I’m being too harsh, but Kickstarter isn’t a charity with a bottomless pit of forgiveness — we pay for goods, and we expect to get exactly what we’re promised.


That’s not to say that every Kickstarter project turns out the same. An insane amount of them go according to plan, and most of the project creators work hard to keep folks clued in on what’s going on. It’s just a shame that every project I end up backing (about three of them now) goes straight to horse manure, and it’s that trend that makes me that much more hesitant to support the independent scene in the foreseeable future.

UPDATE: The folks at Pressy have reached out to us, assuring us the Google Play availability (or lack thereof) was a misunderstanding. Despite Pressy’s comments on Facebook, the app will, in fact, be released on the Google Play Store.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Damn straight! They’ve already royally pissed me off.

  2. agreed. just bad management.

  3. that’s where you are wrong. You don’t pay for goods. You pay someone for the chance for there to be a good maybe down the line. (I say this as a Pressy backer).

    1. And its been comments like that, that have helped me realize that I don’t want to back projects. I want the product. I’m guessing that 95% off the backers on Kickstarter want the product and could really care less about supporting the developer. The other 5% have to constantly remind people this. And those people should probably stop, because they’re not helping the cause.

      1. The only thing not helping the cause is people spending tons of money on Kickstarter and don’t see anything. People don’t deliver on a product and you blame the commenter?

      2. When you say “those people”, I really hope you mean the 95% else what you just said was really stupid :-/

      3. You’re making zero sense. Rephrase that so that people from this dimension can understand what the bloody hell you’re trying to say.

  4. I lost faith in Kickstarter a long time ago. I’ve stopped backing projects for just over a year now. And like many others, I wanted to buy a product. And in buying the product, I would help fund it.

    But when long delays, and even products being sold on Amazon before they were shipped to the backers started happening, I quit backing them. And instead will buy them when they become available. At one point I had about $600 wrapped up in projects that had nothing to show for it. I eventually got all those products, but the realized that it wasn’t worth it any more.

    1. This is exactly where I’m at now! It became addictive because I really liked and wanted the products I seen.

  5. I don’t understand why people get pissed of, when you take a gamble you either win or you lose.

    What do you really think kickstarter is?
    What your realistically doing with kickstarter or any other similar project is funding an idea for someone or a group of individuals that can’t get funding!

    This only comes with a chance that it pays of and you get yourself a finished product before it hits the market nothing more nothing less.

    You are gambling deal with it!

    1. Correct. And you’re allowed to get pissed at your failed investment. Ouya, NFC Ring, ThingCharger, etc, have all failed me. I will never gamble on on another Kickstarter project again.

      1. OK i’ll give you the “annoyed” part ;) it looks like you’ve had a bad streak on there and in theory a few are decent ideas.

        The NFC ring was a shot in the dark it was inevitable it was going to be mass produced before he got his funding.

        Pressy I think are struggling to lock the app down to only their products if it were my guess.(but that would be only a guess)

        Don’t be dismayed Just remember Pebble was a kick starter :D

        Hedge your bets in future ask yourself can you knock up a crude one in your office? If the answer is yes then the likelihood someone can get one in production before the funding timer is up is high!

    2. I think if there’s a type of criticism that is fair is the sort that’s directed at the way a company handles delays like Pressy’s. Rather then email all investors initially and explain there’s a problem they waited weeks until they figured out what it actually was.

      I would argue that most if not all investors would have preferred some explanation rather than see the ship date come and go without a single response on their part as to why they didn’t get their shipment. Email to the investors that’s there’s a delay due to quality issues, even if you don’t yet know why. I would appreciate that, it’s better than not hearing anything at all. At least I would know they’re working on the issue.

      1. There really is no point in Emailing investors to state theres a delay due to an issue, until you know exactly what that issue is. Unfortunately patients isn’t a virtue these days. Maybe they wanted to wait on emailing people until they knew what the actual issue was what was causing it and how long it would take to fix. I don’t know the specifics of the Email as I didn’t back “Pressy”.

        Maybe they could have been a little more up front maybe they were bogged in snowed under and neck deep in trying to solve the issue, Don’t forget this is a team of two people.

        All I stated was your taking a gamble when backing on kickstarter or any similar site. I fail to see how getting angry and ranting over it helps, all that does is serve to make you feel worse.

        The best way to keep in touch and your backers apprised is to have a site they can visit for updates. That way they can check in on progress without having to wait for email updates. I know thats how I would deal with it. All info would be displayed openly and in one place no emails to people its quicker its easier and its open. Maybe this is something Kickstarter need to make part of there terms and conditions.

        1. There very much is a valid point in emailing investors to explain why the ship date has arrived and gone without any word from the company. At the very least alerting them that their order will not arrive on time due to an issue that’s currently being investigated is better than complete silence.

          That is much better than complete silence. “I see, they’re experiencing quality control issues. I’m glad they at least told me why I’ve not yet received my order.”

          Adolescent company or not, you should at least fake it until you know it. It doesn’t take a large experienced company to realize complete silence is not the best way to go.

          That was the only point I wanted to make, is that if there was ONE criticism that is rightly directed at them it’s that. I’m not disagreeing with any other part of your initial comment.

          Even if its two people at the head of this outfit it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t find a way to send out a blanket email to all investors to tell them to expect a delay and that they are working on the issue rather than complete silence. Complete silence on something like this would make investors feel like they’ve been cheated.

          1. See thats my point, Kickstarter isn’t a shopping channel. You don’t place orders as you put it, your backing an idea.

            I don’t disagree that an email would have been nice. But if you have nothing to tell why tell it, and especially to so many people.

            If they had faked it as you put it there would be a post about them lying here instead. To them they may have considered “faking it” and thought better of it, thinking honesty with their backers when they knew exactly what was wrong would be a better policy.

            People make mistakes especially when in high pressure situations like new start up’s considering the sheer quantity of backers all looking at them with expectant eyes.

            Backers should look expectantly at there investment but they should also have some patience and faith, that those who they backed will be working tirelessly to get there idea of the ground.

            If people don’t understand that then to be honest they shouldn’t be backing projects.

          2. Then really all they’d have to say in the email is there is a delay due to an unknown factor, and that they would keep people apprised when the issue comes to light. I’ve invested in projects where the ship date came and went, with no word at all. In total I lost around $350 with nothing to show for it and no explanation why to this day. And yes Pebble started out as a Kick starter project, but I wonder what the ratio of successful to unsuccessful projects is. I’m guessing the successful ones are in the minority.

            But either way, if you have investors, you need to keep them aware of the situation. That’s just basic business even if you haven’t isolated the problem.

          3. That supports my opinion about communication and how important that is to investors. Complete silence until you actually identify the cause of the problem is not efficient or fair to the investors. Like I said above, I’m sure many would understand there would be delays because of many factors when backing new projects but they don’t understand not hearing anything from the people you’ve given your money to.

            Communication, communication, communication.

          4. Telling investors there’s a quality control issue IS something to tell. I think many of us understand it’s not a shopping channel but there was a ship date and it passed without a single word from the company.

            Again, just a quick email to say there’s a delay and that they’re working on the problem IS something to say.

            When I say “fake it until you know it” I mean act like you’ve been here before. Try to be as professional as possible. We know they’re not an experienced company but they could at least strive to be more professional on how they deal with investors.

            Of course people make mistakes, we’re all humans. I’m not faulting them for the quality control issues they’ve experienced, I’m faulting them for the way they handled the delays. Communication with an outfit you’ve paid money to is so important to me. Delays? Sure, do you boo boo. Fix what you need to, just keep me in the loop.

            If I back a project I’m taking a chance the product will have delays, sure I get that. Just don’t keep me in the dark about it. I don’t want you to wait to give me the micro details of why there’s a delay. I don’t care about that. Just tell me that there IS a delay and that you’re working to solve the issue. That’s all I need as an investor. Just some communication.

  6. I supported only one project – pressy. Turned out to be waste of time and money. Plain crap. After getting my very overpriced piece I am closing my Kickstarter account and will never back anything again…

  7. This and KREYOS were the worse offenders that I have seen to date.

    1. Take a look at radiate athletics. It’s WAY worse than either of those.

  8. When they announced the new clip/cap, I wanted one. I only backed for a single pressy.
    I emailed them asking how I can pay or change my pledge to include the new redesigned clip and never heard back……

    Not having the app on the Play Store is crazy, WTF and why not.

  9. If you hated the experience backing Presst for $20, you should have backed the Omate Truesmart for $200+. You’d be fuming 10x worse. Private emails were leaked to confirm the unimaginable: Omate has made it EOL even before all backers have received their devices (after delay after delay).

    1. EOL????

  10. I’ve had the opposite experience with kickstarter campaigns. I’ve been generally thrilled with every one that I’ve backed. Although I don’t make the mistake of thinking the products that I get will be the next coming.

  11. Never, ever, back new hardware. That’s one easy rule for crowdfunding. New hardware up to consumer standards is HARD.

    Chances are it’ll be way late, not what they promised, and a good chance it will never come out. If it does, well then you can buy it then. You can do without the little backers only pin or whatever they promise.

  12. I felt a similar way with pebble, twice and they are done getting my money. I did the Tile Kickstarter and received my product pretty close to when I was supposed to, and still waiting for a shipping update for the coin. However pebble was a mess, I backed early and watched them ship a large amount of watches to best buys across the country instead of sending me my kickstarter edition. It took over 8 months for me to get mine, when I believe it was originally going to be 4 or 5. That made me mad, that I backed them and got kicked in the read when best buy came calling… then the pebble steel happened. I ordered one early, not early enough which was my fault and was told that I’d have it by the end of april, april came and went and no update. Then I looked at my order and saw it was backordered, no email, just in the order status… Then it now said 5-8 weeks… 8 weeks came and went with no update anywhere. I go on Facebook and they post “order now, limited quantities available” after the 8 weeks pass and no watch. I then cancelled my order and am done with them. I talked that watch up all over the internet and they stuck one in my behind… yuck city

  13. Alot of people misunderstand Kickstarter, as it seems you and everyone here has. You are NOT purchasing a product. You are INVESTING in a product (or rather the business behind the product). If you get a product, because of the investment that’s great, however don’t always expect that (nor expect it to be 100% what you saw of the product before your investment). The majority of the products on Kickstarter are First-Time products and possibly even First-Time Business Owners. There are always things that don’t work the best they could in First-Run/First-Time Products, it’s all part of the development process.

    1. Last I checked, investing in something means you expect a return of some sort. What you are describing is donating, and if I wanted to donate without expecting anything in return I’d go that route.

    2. You are not investing in anything. You are giving a company free money.
      If you were investing you would get stock or something.

  14. I’ve only ever backed projects where the returns are software. It’s really REALLY hard for a kickstarter project to mess up something like that.

  15. I think the fault is your own, Mr Kennemer. Kickstarter isn’t a pre-production, pre-order website where you’re guaranteed to get your product, either on time or at all, and the website tells you as much after having issues with failed “projects” and angry supporters in the past. Kickstarter is a venue where entrepreneurs can ask the general public for financial help in bringing their idea(s) to fruition and nothing more. You are an investor. Not a consumer. With Kickstarter comes the risks inherent in all investments: failure and loss. If anyone backing a project through Kickstarter doesn’t realize that then they only have themselves to be upset with if/when things don’t work out in the end.

    1. I don’t think YOU know what Kickstarter is. I don’t see stories saying “support this developer”, I see a lot of stories advertising Kickstarter products. And I don’t see this as investing. Look up the definition of investing and show me the one that applies here. This is FUNDING. Or are you saying the OP invested in what? One $20 Presst? And when you get one, that is your return for the investment? You get the product you paid for? No, this is pre-funding to get a product first, a product that may never exist without funding. Since your interest begins and ends with the product you paid for, calling this investing is laughable. Gambling on ever getting your product? That part is true. But I don’t see any investors in this comment thread. Just consumers who pre-ordered a product that hadn’t been produced yet.

      1. Or is buying my food at the grocery store really just a safe investment?

      2. No Kickstarter project is guaranteed to be an actual product. Otherwise they wouldnt need Kickstarter in the first place. Some Kickstarter projects never get the full funding they need, and guess what, no one gets a product in the end.

        1. Why did you even post this? I believe I said you are not guaranteed a product, so thanks for adding nothing to the discussion. I merely said this wasn’t an investment, as commentors keep saying.

          1. Was more of an addition to your comment then a criticism.

          2. Sorry, please disregard my smartly-worded reply.

          3. No problem dude. :-)

          4. it’s better to think of it like a SBA bank loan for a company that doesn’t use normal instruments (money) to pay back that loan, which is why a bank wouldn’t do it. It’s still an investment though.

            If I need $300,000 to start a business I go to a bank and try to get the full amount, they say they can give me half, so I go to another bank and they give me the other half, then I use the money. If I go to bank 1 and they give me a loan for half, and no other bank gives me the other half, I go back to bank 1 and say sorry, I didn’t get my required startup amount, so I don’t need the loan any longer.

            If I get a loan from a bank and the company works, I pay the bank what I told them i would pay them. If I get a loan from a bank and the company doesn’t work, then they take what they can and lose the rest. IT’S CALLED RISK.

            Kickstarter and others are exactly the same thing. You are giving someone money for a specified return, and there is a risk that if they reach their goal, yet the company fails that you do not realize that return. Whether it’s a signed movie poster, or whatever. So yes, Kickstarter is exactly like a bank investing in a company.

            It is not like how a lot of people think of investment, say in an IRA, or a CD, or something where you are guaranteed a return after your maturity date, it is an investment though, but the return may not be cash, and it is a risk.

        2. the difference is, if the project doesn’t get full funding they don’t charge you.

    2. You make investments in order to get a return. For instance, do you really think people would invest into the stock market if they didn’t expect a return on their investments? Whether it be monitory, a product or service, a return is expected.

      1. but how often do you really get a return on that initial investment ? Investing in the stock market is risky and expecting a return shouldnt be an expectation. Its great if it actually happens, but hardly a guarantee.

        1. We need to lose the idea that this is investing. Hey, you need a will written. I’m a lawyer. I tell you for $250 I will write your will. You give me $250. Did you just make an investment? No, you paid for a product that doesn’t exist at the time and is not guaranteed to ever exist. But all you did was buy something. You invested in nothing. Now if I tell you for that $350 you not only get the $250 will, you also get a 5% stake in all my future profits, Now you have invested. But you only invested $100, the rest is paying for the will.

          1. If you pay a lawyer $250 for a will and it doesn’t end up being created, that’s theft by the lawyer. If a person is offering a service for money, not providing the service, and keeping the money, that’s illegal.

            There should be 3 scenarios that could apply to situations like these.
            1. The KS asks for donations to fund their project, and no promise of anything down the road.
            2. The KS asks for individual investors to fund the project, and offers stock or a monetary amount if/when the project reaches the intended goal.
            3. The KS opens up pre-orders for the finished project using the pre-order money to fund the development, with the person ordering/funding the product receiving a product before it is available on the market.

            I think what these KS projects need to do is make it clear what the end game is. If all they want is donations, say so clearly so the finders know what they’re getting into. If they’re offering stock in the project, a monetary amount, or the finished product at the end, spell that out clearly as well. But as it sits now, there seems to be confusion as to whether the people are donating, investing, or ordering with these projects.

  16. I made the mistake of backing “Hotwatch” on Kickstarter. Here i am 7 months past their original shipment date and they still haven’t shipped. At this point I just want my $149 back. Never again.

  17. some pressy-clones have made the deadline successfully.

    i found one for $3.93 that has been available since late march.

    edit: and they do have an app on the play store.

  18. Don’t forget that they got almost $700,000 when their goal was only $40,000. Plus in Update #16 they annoced that they partnerd up with Viber…after that, nothing.

  19. up to this i’ve had great success with kickstarter, nothing majorly late, or different then expected, but yea should be interesting when we do finally get this. for new things like this i tend to think we’re kinda the beta testers, getting the first of the final production run before it’s refined later, but maybe there just making those refinements now instead.

  20. Hi Folks, We are very sorry but the whole thing was a misunderstanding on our end. The Pressy app WILL be available at the Play store once we start shipping them out as intended.

    We are very sorry for the confusion this has caused…

    Thank you,

    The Pressy Team.

    1. Fine.
      PUT UP,or,STFU & start processing refunds immediately.
      If neither happens soon,I hope some ambitious law student puts together a class-action suit against PRESSY.

      1. Hi Kolio, peace and love to you too.

        We have granted refunds to each and every single customer or backer who have asked for it.
        We hope you will find patience to wait a couple more weeks until your order arrives in the mail, but if not – please contact us by email and we will (sadly) walk you through the refund process.

        Have a wonderful day!

        1. Your snarky condescention isn’t lost on me.

          AGAIN,TALK IS CHEAP.I’ve repeatedly asked for a refund & have heard nothing.

          Got an e-mail late APRIL 2014 asking for mailing address confirmation.I obliged,w/a request for a refund if you weren’t going to follow through.

          So,keep your PRESSY & your smugness & send a refund.

          Once received,I promise I won’t utter a word about PRESSY again,anywhere,good or bad.

          Just give me my refund already.

          1. Why are you being such a jackass? This generation is so entitled. Email them like they asked and they will give you a refund.

          2. Hi Kolio, please send us an email to [email protected] so we can locate your order and refund it.

    2. I emailed you guys when you first announced the new clip/cap, and still no reply.
      I backed ONLY a single Pressy. But I like the new design of the clip/cap and I WANT ONE, how do I add or change my pledge? You guys never responded and the backerkit website for Pressy doesn’t work on adding just a clip/cap.

  21. Check on another reply in the original Facebook post. They now say it will be in the play store.

  22. I’ve backed Phonejoy from Kickstarter, It arrived about a year late. It did end up being like the original design they intended though.

    1. I wish I had backed the phone joy instead of the icontrolpad 2 which was canceled after a year and a half of false promises. Still waiting to get a refund.

    2. I backed the Phonejoy too, and I actually enjoy the Moga Pro much more. I sent my Phonejoy in for a return almost a month ago and still haven’t heard back for a refund lol.

  23. Nevermind. Looks like it will be in the Google Play store afterall. They just posted this like 45 seconds ago.

  24. I backed Pressy in December, $25. Still waiting just like you. I also got a weeks worth of Soylent, which I backed in October, and I’m still waiting for. They at least started shipping Soylent though.

  25. That’s why I only support games. Whenever it releases I’ll enjoy it. Can’t depend on hardware because I want it now.

  26. We’ve created two successful Kickstarter projects that were finished and delivered on time. We’re on our third now and are very open about our products. To hide something like this is unforgivable. But Kickstarter itself isn’t to blame as you know. I look at many projects that had a promise date (some that I have backed) only to get frequent updates of the “delay”. Sorry to hear about this one but don’t give up, there are many good projects out there to fund in.

    1. No offense meant but I find your claims very hard to believe. How? Why? I’ve back 59 projects on Kickstarter, everything from an espresso machine to a documentary on volunteer alpine medical personnel. Not a single one was delivered on time. I think a 6 week delay was the best scenario. What this tells me is people are incredibly naive about their shortcoming (ie they don’t know what they dont know and can’t account for this) or most KS creators are purposely lying. What projects did you create that were ‘successful’ and delivered on time? You should be in the KS Hall of Fame.

  27. Yawn, pounding your chest at me isn’t going to solve your issue. They asked you to email them for your refund, doing so will allow you to not utter a word about pressy anymore, unless bitching is what you want to do.

    1. Bingo! Bitching is his viagra.

    2. As you say,YAWN,glad you took time out of your otherwise busy day to voice your opinions.

      Have a nice day,& to quote PRESSY:

      Peace & love to you too.

  28. I backed the Omate Truesmart, and paid for the early october edition, 3 months after that noone had theirs still and they gave us like 0 good reasons except that they were shady. That coupled with the fact that the CEO was like publicly insulting people who would comment on it I canceled my contribution. I still just got an email from them like a month ago about getting the shipments out soon, so that was a terrible fail. Made me really rethink ever backing a project again.

  29. I really love when people threaten law suits against kick-starter campaigns, it really makes me laugh

  30. Omate TrueSmart it’s been one of the biggest Kickstarter frauds ever existed… The CEO publicly insulting everyone and blocking/ kicking out from all different social media to anyone who ever disagrees with his mindset or asked him about any of his lies. He even insulted and kicked out many of the recognized developers from the community. I’ve heard some people calling him a Pathological Liar…

    Sad part is I deleted myself completely from Kickstarters due to this experience.

  31. I’ve backed 2 projects on kickstarter. The pressy and the Omate true smart. I’m one of the lucky ~150 people who pledged the OCTOBER edition and is still waiting for the “last” batch of the kick starter watches to go out. The worst part of the Omate was that they gave free upgrades to people but since I paid for the 1/8gb model I got a free keychain. And now that I have to wait longer I get the aluminum edition for free….just send me the damn watch or give me my $ back that I asked for at least 7 times.

    And now I’m waiting for the true smart and the pressy. 0 for 2. Never doing kick starter ever again

    1. Omate Trusmart is the worst Kickstarter I’ve experienced. If I could take back support for any one project it would definitely be that one. Talk about bait and switch.

  32. “Kickstarter isn’t a charity with a bottomless pit of forgiveness — we pay for goods, and we expect to get exactly what we’re promised.”

    Nope. You didn’t pay for goods. You backed a project with a conditional reward. Nobody guarantees you will get anything in this transaction. The issue here is a fundamental flaw in your understanding of the Kickstarter platform.

    1. It’s understood that there are development changes that need to be made, but bait and switch is not the best way to make your investors happy (yes it is an investment in the concept/idea even if there is no financial or physical return). Maybe Pressy didn’t necessarily do that, but I’m glad to see they reiterated that it will be on the playstore.

  33. Having backed a couple of terrible Kickstarters, I can understand your pain… Ouya, NFC Ring…

  34. I’ve backed 42 (huh.. Sweet!) projects on Kickstarter. I’ve had to write off only two as never – gonna – get – my – stuff. The ISS notifier, and the 86 Vegan Cheese project. The creator was too inexperienced in the first, and a nasty divorce in the second. But, I backed the Pebble and that slipped several deadlines, very frustrating… At least until I got it! The one currently that I am most frustrated with the delays is the Codlo. Can’t wait to get my hands on that. But, I definitely feel like I can trust most projects to ship.

  35. I’ve backed two projects now on Kickstarter (or similar sites). Both have yet to be delivered. One has been shipped already and according to their original schedule ( The other project has been delayed by a few months ( However, I’m still confident the delays on the Hammerhead are justified into making the product much better than was originally thought. Time will tell whether I’ve been lucky with these two or if either turn out to be disappointing. However, since backing these, I’ve now realised how little checking goes on about these projects and how someone can use this for fraud and then pretend to fail to deliver the project they advertised. In all honesty, I’d rather hold back and wait for consumer reviews of the device and only go with the things that seem to be worthwhile spending on.

  36. Thanks for the great read. I have backed this non-disclosing, perpetually late, non-existent Kickstarter campaign since day one. Pressy and the idiots running the company have ruined any chance of my backing a Kickstarter campaign ever again.

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