Jun 4th, 2014

Google Glass 2.0 earbud

Google Glass Explorers are being treated to yet another small update in the XE17 release. XE17.3 is rolling out today and introduces a new “notification glance” experimental feature that should make lives easier for Glass wearers.

Google Glass Notification Glance update

Previously, Glass users would have to either tilt their heads up or touch the touchpad to view a new notification. With notification glance, users will only need to look at their Glass to display to view a notification. Notification glace can be found as a new card in the Settings and will need some quick calibration to get it up and running.

If you haven’t received XE17.3 quite yet, plug your Glass into a charger, connect to WiFi and head over to your Settings > Device info > Install update. Cheers.

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