Father’s Day gift idea: pick up a Moto G for only $70 [DEALS]


Moto G Amazon 70 bucks

Those looking for one helluva deal on an Android device look no further than this insane deal on the Motorola Moto G for Verizon pre-paid. Priced at $70, the phone is heavily marked down from its $180 GSM counterpart. The best part is, not only will it make a great replacement iPod (should you forgo cellular service), but some reports suggest you may have luck activating it on a regular on-contract Verizon line (although there’s some steps involved).

With Father’s Day just around the corner, perhaps it’s time to break your father away from that dad-phone he’s been rocking all these years, and get him on something a little more this century. With a quad-core processor, 5MP camera and running on Android 4.4 KitKat — you could certainly do a whole lot worse.

We’re sure you’ll probably find just about any reason to pick up a brand new Moto G for $70, just keep in mind it is 3G-only and we can only guarantee compatibility with Verizon pre-paid, or as a standalone WiFi-only device. According to one helpful review on Amazon:

“I bought my Verizon Moto G 4/26/14 and was able to activate it on contract. You just have to bypass the activation screen (hit next, slide down notification bar, bring up task manager and swipe away the activation app) then dial *228 to activate the phone since it is 3G only. Do not try to activate through the My Verizon website, it will not work. I went from a Galaxy S3 to the Moto G.”

Buy on Amazon: Motorola Moto G (Verizon) $70


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  1. Thanks for getting my hopes up by not putting VERIZON in the headline.

  2. This is awefully tempting, it’s so cheap! even as a spare device, I could see picking up one of these for sure! Does anybody know how much a prepaid verizon line will run me?

    1. ~$45…data limit of 500mb unlmtd talk/text

    1. Exactly what I thought, 1 second after seeing the title

      1. No harm in it, just a little humor @ CC’s expense.

        Gotta give credit for posting the work-around for use on VZW’s post-paid service.

  3. I said it before and I’ll say it again… anyone who buys the Moto G is a borderline rapist.

  4. Come ON Chris, repost.


  5. My dad has an M8. Lol

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