Is this the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime?


galaxy s5 prime leak 1

We’ve talked about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime to no end lately, but throughout all that talk we haven’t actually seen anything. That might have changed this morning, though, with newly leaked photos reportedly giving us a glimpse at the premium device.

The shots show a very Galaxy S5-esque phone, dimpled back and all. There are a couple subtle differences (namely the odd lack of a speaker grill on the back, as well as slightly different assembly of the heart rate monitor), so it’s certainly possible that this could be the phone we all think (and hope) it is.

The Galaxy S5 Prime is expected to up the ante to a level that the Galaxy S5 was originally thought to be introduced at. The rumors peg display resolution at 2560 x 1440, and says we can also expect an upgraded processor (either an octa-core Exynos or a Snapdragon 805), as well as 3GB of RAM.

galaxy s5 prime leak 2

It’s unfortunate that Samsung will look to introduce a more premium model of the device instead of making this their flagship, but the decision has been made and this is what we’re faced with. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth ditching your current smartphone (be it the Galaxy S5 or some other device) for this bad boy. Here’s hoping we hear something more soon enough.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. that back is ugly as hell!!!

    1. Samsung are going backwards in the design department. Looks horrible!

  2. Wow Samsung design keeps getting worse and worse. No thanks, I’ll keep my G2.

    1. I won’t look at Samsung until they ditch the home button and introduce on screen nav bar

      1. I’d rather have buttons off the screen since they just take up real estate.

        1. Solution = pie controls, ayyyrrrrgg!

          1. All hail Hypno-Pie!

        2. Not going to lie, I used to think the navigation bar was a piece of junk that just took up screen real estate (and I still sympathise with those who feel that way). That being said I just discovered I can use my Tasker/Autovoice task triggers from any screen just by swiping up from the navigation bar. I think that’s pretty sweet (I use Cyanogenmod 11 on an S3, fyi).

      2. Samsung is pretty much the last company using the home button. You have HTC, LG, Motorola, and a ton of other OEMs. We have Samsung. Why should Samsung have to do what everyone else is doing?
        The beauty of Android used to be that you could go through numerous different phones and find the one that suits your tastes. But now we see people demanding that all phones offer the exact same experience. Samsung doesn’t offer what you want? Buy something else. That’s the way this is supposed to work.

        1. Wow… I just said that I wasn’t going to be interested in a Samsung product until they eliminate the home button and get on-screen buttons.

          I didn’t say, “boohoo! Why can’t Samsung have onscreen navigation bar like my G2??! Let’s all boycott Samsung until they do so!”

          Read before you reply, it helps

          1. And I wasn’t accusing you of crying over it. I merely provided some perspective for others who may be in your boat. I merely replied to your post as a continuation of the topic that you brought up.

            So take your own advice and read before you reply. Don’t want responses to your posts? Then don’t post.

          2. Yeah, that’s what it sounds like a lot, actually.

      3. Wow, clearly you are clueless.

        Having a physical button is a Savior and keeping navigation buttons off the screen saves valuable real estate. Face palm

        1. How is it saving real estate if you can eliminate that waste off where the home button and the capacitive buttons go in favor for more screen size? Then from there you only gain more real estate when you put on pie controls -OR- when you’re watching movies or videos, those onscreen buttons go away and let you take advantage of all the estates

    2. I have Galaxy s2 and i loved its deisgn. the S5 has a great design and feels great but the back cover just looks ugly but i got used to it

      If you don’t like it try this- http://www.amazon.com/Generic-Brushed-Aluminum-Replacement-Housing/dp/B00JKF4H9Q

  3. Prime versions are not a good idea, unless they are released at the same time as the standard version.

  4. dude….that’s whack.

    1. Sh*it’s cray.

  5. I am glad I waited … I knew when the 32 gig version of S5 didn’t come out I knew that they were coming out a better phone. My guess is July 4th or later for this phone. Since it just passed through testing.

    1. Samsung didn’t count on people who believe that good things come to those who wait.

  6. that cant be the Prime. It looks more ugly and cheaply made than the S5. I like the S5 and would have no problem upgrading to a better spec Samsung device, but not if it looks like that.

  7. Definitely an fugly phone….after the having the S3 from day one I am going to go away from Samsung and hopefully jump on the LG bandwagon with the G3.

    1. *a fugly* Problem? ;D

  8. Bet that’s an Asia only release.

    1. So was the Mongol Empire but it wasn’t that far from Europe in the end now, was it?

  9. When I had the S4, I was always accidently hitting the capacitive buttons. They are so low on the chin of the phone. Bad design. Google believes they should be on screen… Why would anyone argue with them? Android is their baby. I’ve used both extensively and prefer on screen buttons.

  10. Looks boring.

  11. This is still hideous like the regular S5.
    Bring on the G3!!

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