HTC One 2013 Google Play edition is no longer for sale in the Play Store


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After dropping to $499 back in March, it looks as if the HTC One 2013 Google Play edition has been taken off the market. Jumping onto the Google Play store’s device page, you’ll notice the phone has been completely removed. The listing itself can still be found by visiting a direct link, but the phone is now showing a “This device is not for sale at this time” message for its availability.

HTC One 2013 Google Play edition no longer for sale

No worries, those intent on buying a Google Play edition Android phone with healthy serving of aluminum can still find the HTC One M8 GPe for sale on GPlay. For old time’s sake, you can check out our review on the HTC One 2013 Google Play edition here.

We have a feeling not too many of our readers ever jumped on these Google Play edition devices, which could be a reason why Google is turning to the rumored “Android Silver” devices that could be offered at subsidized rates by carriers.

Anyone really bummed that they missed the chance to pick up an HTC One 2013 Google Play Edition?

[Google Play]

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Has Google’s reputation turned sour?

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  1. I was able to put the M7 (2013) GPE in my basket.Looks like it’s still available ………..

    The M8 (2014) is the one that’s been out of stock for quite a while now.

    1. Yeah, the page seems to be updating slowly. I’m here on the west coast and it was available for a good while after we spotted the changes, and then BAM. No longer available for sale.

      1. What have you been smoking?, just ordered one. 8PM, east coast.

        1. Ditto. Well, half ditto. I see the M7 available for sale on the east coast with it leaving the warehouse in 1-2 business days. But, surprisingly, the M8 is out of inventory again. I had tried to buy one a while back and it was out of stock. When it came back on, I quickly ordered one successfully, but now it’s out again as of this morning far as I can tell. Don’t know if it’s massive demand or what.

  2. Google never did enough to support potential GPE customers. But the S4 GPE that I purchased last year was the ideal device for me. I’ll likely be using it for awhile still.

  3. Shows available 12:30am 5/20/14 CDT

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