Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Google Play edition get Bluetooth certified


Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition

Samsung can deny rumors of a higher-end Samsung Galaxy S5 all they want, but that hasn’t stopped leaks of the device from springing up all around the internets. This time, we have something a little more official and comes by way of the Bluetooth SIG. Turns out both the alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (SM-G906L) and the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition (SM-G900FG) has recently received their Bluetooth certification, the usual sign of an impending release.

Other than model numbers, the Bluetooth documentation doesn’t reveal much. While we already know exactly what the Google Play edition S5 will offer — a mostly stock Android experience using Samsung’s hardware — the S5 Prime is still a bit of a mystery. According to rumors, the Prime will feature a QHD 2K display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, and support LTE-A. Some believe this might be an exclusive model to South Korea where competition between Samsung and LG is fierce.

Samsung SM-G906L SM-G900FG

Guess all we can do now is wait for something more official, or more leaks. In the meantime, Samsung is hosting a press event on June 12th to talk about their new SAMOLED tablet line. I know I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the TouchWiz’d version of the Galaxy S5 for reasons, but my money is currently on that Google Play edition that already sorta popped up in the Play Store a few weeks back. We’ll be keeping an eye out.

Bluetooth SIG (Samsung SM-G906L) | Bluetooth SIG (SM-G900FG)

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  1. This is cool. I wanted an S5, but not happening with only 16gb of internal storage. Hopefully this new one is not one of those giant phones. If I wanted a phone where clown pants were required, I’d buy a Note. At 5.5″ and above, there’s already enough high-end options.

  2. The GPE might be the one I might buy but they never make the Note series for it. Sigh, Note 4 or Nexus 6 here I come. I think I would actually buy another TW Note despite people complaining about the boatloader. I don’t root anyways.

  3. a water resistant nexus hmmm

    1. We already have one, the Z Ultra GPE. However, the man-purse needed to carry it is sold separately :)

      1. lol i also it read a review that wasn’t really too keen on it. As intrigued as I am, i still can’t put $600 down at once for a phone.

        1. Would it make you feel better that the Z Ultra GPE has been reduced to *ONLY* $499? :)

          But in all seriousness, Google should adopt the stance that Motorola has, which is monthly payments for your phone. Then add support for carrier billing of this monthly expense, and you could get a deal like T-Mobile on any supported carrier. Would make Nexus and GPE devices a lot more palatable for the majority of users.

          1. Indeed. and GPE devices would sell like hot cakes.

          2. I think that it would be a good start. But it’s an uphill battle to convince contract customers that $200 up front for a subsidized device is not really cheaper in the long haul.

          3. Not just Motorola anymore. Essentially every carrier offers no-contract monthly payment options for full priced phones. I would love to pick up the GPE of the S5, but I’m not paying full retail in a lump sum for a phone.

          4. I didn’t mean the carriers (I cited T-Mobile for illustrative purposes only). I was referring to the phone OEM itself, which is relativity new. Motorola started offering monthly payments for their phones purchased directly from them (minimum price applies) and I wish that other OEMs would do this for unlocked handsets. If Google did this for Nexus/GPE devices, it would be easier for more people to bypass the carrier entirely.

          5. It’s actually $449 for Z ultra

          6. Well that does it! Z Ultra + man-purse, here I come!

            *but seriously, thanks for the correction :)

      2. A 6″ phone is unreasonably large. Why should my phone be the same size of menu item from Subway, Eat Fresh?

  4. For me, it comes down to this; If Samsung releases the S5 GPE with 32GB as an option (or the baseline) and multiple colors, I’ll buy one. If they stick with 16GB and white like last time, I’ll keep my S4 GPE for another year.

    Also, I was disappointed that they didn’t release the GPE at launch like HTC did with the M8. I know there’s like a 99.9% chance of this not happening, but it would be cool if Samsung’s GPE for 2014 was the S5 Prime and not the base S5.

    1. I’ll put money on Samsung going with 16GB for GPe. Normally I’d rage, but the fact that stock KitKat doesn’t take up as much space as TouchWiz, should be okay. We’ll see…

      1. Chris – I agree that they’re most likely going to go with 16GB (and white). And 16GB isn’t so bad on the GPE becuuse our S4 GPE has something like 2.5GB more internal storage than the TW variant.
        But my concern is with the way MicroSD behaves post-4.4. I can no longer use apps like FolderSync/AutoSync to maintain my important files on MicroSD and still have them viewable by apps like the Gallery, so I either have to use the internal storage, or sync via USB occasionally. So I’ve revised my needs for a phone to be either 32GB interal + MicroSD or 64GB internal.
        Bottom line is that if they release only a 16GB S5 GPE, I won’t see a reason to upgrade from my S4 GPE. But add in 32GB and a color other than white, and it’s a done deal :)

  5. I wish I could use my JUMP upgrade on a GPe device. That would be rad!

  6. Anyone know if the S5+wireless charging back have the magnets to self align with wireless chargers? Just like the nexus 5.

    1. I am using my Galaxy S5 from last 1 month and quite satisfied with its all specs
      and features like water and dust resistant body, touch wiz finger print scanner
      for better security and 2800mAh battery that after fully charged on qi wireless
      charger runs throughout the day. Well the wireless charger that I have
      purchased doesn’t have any annoying magnet to align it properly. I just put my
      Galaxy S5 on it and it started charging without any hiccups.

  7. Samsung has unique design, so that Samsung attract different group of people, but they ignore something basic, like battery, some people still need external charger to keep enough power, why couldn’t Samsung improve battery power capacity? But it’s an opportunity for some company like : WIWOFIT 3500mAh External Rechargeable Backup Battery Power Bank Charger Case with USB and Kick Stand for Samsung Galaxy S5 (from Amazon)

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