Samsung marketing reaches new heights — major airport terminal named “Samsung Galaxy S5” for two weeks



We’ve always known Samsung’s marketing money knows no end when it comes to their mobile business, and now that fact has been validated by perhaps their biggest move yet.

The company seems to have struck a two-week deal with Heathrow London Airport to rename “Terminal 5” to “Samsung Galaxy S5.” That’s right, folks — Samsung was able to get an entire airport wing named after their latest flagship smartphone.

The deal will no doubt come with perks that will allow Samsung to advertise the wahoo out of the Samsung Galaxy S5 at every turn. We imagine they’ll also have their name plastered on charging stations, vending machines, signs, departure and arrival boards, and other airport hotspots where eyes might frequent. Other signage will point travelers to the Dixons Travel store to check the phone out for themselves.

Not even Apple has gone this far in marketing. The company even said so themselves — they need to find some way to match Samsung’s marketing prowess. They certainly have the funds to do so, so it’ll be interesting to see if Samsung’s biggest competitor in mobile ever does anything like this.

Other competitors — like HTC — will seemingly need to spend a few more dollars themselves if they ever want a snowball’s chance in hell at challenging Samsung’s throne (which they’ve already done by hiring top Samsung marketing brass in recent weeks).

That sort of marketing is the reason why the Samsung line of smartphones is so big today, with nearly all smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S line and Samsung Galaxy Note line being etched into the 10 million sales club to date. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has already achieved that mark in just 25 days, and has surpassed 11 million units in shipments last we checked.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Why bother? Everyone is buying an S5 regardless of what they do, it’s the go to android device for non techies bored of iOS.

    1. They want to try and get the people who aren’t yet bored of it by shoving the device down their throats… Or maybe they think some weird stunts can convert people that are smarter and waiting for a better device..

    2. Samsung should hire you.

    3. Non techies? You really don’t have a clue.

      On specifications alone the Galaxy S5 is the phone to go for, best camera, display, best performance due to higher clockspeeds, best battery life, USB 3 support and many other features.

  2. If it’s anything samsung is good at its marketing their products. This pretty awesome in my opinion. I wonder how much they had to spend to do this?

    1. Several million, at least. Money makes the (tech) world go round.

  3. Next stunt: buy the moon and etch “SAMSUNG” across the equator. Guaranteed to reach 7 billion people for hundreds of years.

  4. I feel sad for the people in London.. lol.. You have to go to “Samsung Galaxy S5” for your next flight.. people will be like, WTF!?

  5. Apple, you’re advertising it wrong.

  6. Sammy has no shame. Kudos lol

  7. You guys don’t get to complain about apples marketing strategies anymore!

    Does the floor have dimples in it?

    1. If it does Apple will be first in line to sue because they patented holes in objects.

      1. oh ouch

  8. Samsung may not be that good at making phones but the maketing machine is incredible. I bet samsung is generating more sheeps than apple.

    1. More sheeps = more money.

  9. They should have lavished that kind of money into the product itself, so it wouldn’t be such a soporific update as it turned out to http://bit.ly/1oTFekA

  10. Noooooo please sheep don’t be fooled, Samsung is the big bad wolf that’s goin to eat you up in the end ….. How in the heck can they put so much In advertisement but not so much into the production itself, it’s not like the world doesn’t already know Samsung’s name

  11. Why all the Samsung hate?

    They are one of the few phone makers who give you expandable storage, replaceable battery and not make the casing out of a Faraday cage

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