May 16th, 2014


We’ve always known Samsung’s marketing money knows no end when it comes to their mobile business, and now that fact has been validated by perhaps their biggest move yet.

The company seems to have struck a two-week deal with Heathrow London Airport to rename “Terminal 5” to “ Samsung Galaxy S5.” That’s right, folks — Samsung was able to get an entire airport wing named after their latest flagship smartphone.

The deal will no doubt come with perks that will allow Samsung to advertise the wahoo out of the Samsung Galaxy S5 at every turn. We imagine they’ll also have their name plastered on charging stations, vending machines, signs, departure and arrival boards, and other airport hotspots where eyes might frequent. Other signage will point travelers to the Dixons Travel store to check the phone out for themselves.

Not even Apple has gone this far in marketing. The company even said so themselves — they need to find some way to match Samsung’s marketing prowess. They certainly have the funds to do so, so it’ll be interesting to see if Samsung’s biggest competitor in mobile ever does anything like this.

Other competitors — like HTC — will seemingly need to spend a few more dollars themselves if they ever want a snowball’s chance in hell at challenging Samsung’s throne (which they’ve already done by hiring top Samsung marketing brass in recent weeks).

That sort of marketing is the reason why the Samsung line of smartphones is so big today, with nearly all smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S line and Samsung Galaxy Note line being etched into the 10 million sales club to date. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has already achieved that mark in just 25 days, and has surpassed 11 million units in shipments last we checked.

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