Samsung gearing up to release Google Glass competitor this fall


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Now that Samsung’s thirst for smartwatches has been temporarily satiated with the release of the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit, the Korean company is turning its eyes — quite literally — toward their next piece of wearable tech. A report from Business Korea reveals that Samsung plans to launch a Google Glass competitor dubbed Gear Glass this September alongside the Galaxy Note 4.

The plan follows a pattern that started last year when Samsung introduced their first smart wearable, the original Galaxy Gear, simultaneously with the Galaxy Note 3. That particular device turned out to be a bit of a learning experience for Samsung. After a poor reception and even worse sales, the company’s wearable strategy was quickly rethought and a group of followup smartwatches was unveiled only months later at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Gear Glass is said to run on the same Tizen operating system that powers the Gear 2 family and should feature a design not far from what we have grown familiar with thanks to Google’s pioneering innovation with their own Glass. A single eyepiece will rest within range of the wearer’s  right eye. An earpiece will also be featured on the same side. Otherwise, little is known about the hardware and design of Gear Glass (though a recently uncovered patent reveals one possible design, pictured above).

You can expect Samsung’s smart glasses to feature integration with the company’s line of Android-based Galaxy smartphones, but to what extent is unknown. At a bare minimum it wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect a device that offers the same complimentary experience as the Gear 2. One Samsung patent suggests we could even see an “air keyboard” that would utilize gestures for typing. It will be interesting to see if Samsung also incorporates features similar to those that have debuted with Google Glass such as voice commands and functions related to the built-in camera.

Pricing also remains a question, but it might not be too hopeful to expect Samsung’s Glass to retail for slightly cheaper than the $1500 buyers currently need to shell out for Google Glass, which recently entered open beta for US residents.

[via Business Korea]


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  1. I honestly wish Samsung good luck. It’d be great to have a glass competitor. Only time will tell how good it is.

  2. That looks crazy uncomfortable.

  3. I think I shouldn’t even bother hoping it works with all Android. At least I can expect price to be much better than Glass.

  4. All it does is display “> 9000“ on the screen.

  5. project Vegeta..

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