Motorola Moto G with ‘universal LTE’ now being listed on Amazon


Motorola Moto G 4G LTE Amazon

When Motorola announced the original Moto G, it’s safe to say the general consensus was that the Android handset offered a lot of bang for the buck. ‘Course, as we all know, this came at the cost of several key hardware specs we’ve since grown accustomed to, one of which was the inclusion of 4G LTE compatibility. The Moto G simply wasn’t having it.

Lately, we’ve heard murmurings around the webernets that Motorola could be upping their game, announcing an updated Moto G model with 4G LTE. Those rumors have now hit the ground running as the Motorola Moto G with “universal LTE” has appeared on Amazon.

It can be found by jumping onto the usual product listing for the Moto G on Amazon and clicking on “10 new from $_.” That link will take you to another page listing off all the available Moto G variants including this new “universal LTE” model, available in either black of white. Unfortunately, clicking on either model brings back a 404, but we think it’s only because the phones have appeared ahead of an official announcement.

Motorola currently has an event scheduled for tomorrow in London and where we were already expecting for the Motorola Moto E to become official, it’s entirely possible they’ll also announced this updated Moto G LTE. Still up in the air is if the inclusion of LTE will come with a higher premium (makes sense), or if the price of the non-LTE models will drop to accommodate the new model selling for $200. We’ll keep you posted.

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[Motorola Moto G on Amazon]

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  1. Damn

  2. neat,

    This is a phone that brings a truely great experience for a price nearly anyone can afford.

    If I was in an economic situation where all I could afford is prepaid in this range, I could get this device and I wouldn’t be missing much compared to flagships.

    1. Only thing you would be missing is bloatware ;).

  3. You can preorder on Amazon right now…

    Click “All” button instead of “White Universal LTE”. There’s a black and white LTE version listed. It’s priced as $219.99. “This item will be released on June 30, 2014. Pre-order now!”

    So maybe we can expect a June 30, 2014 release date

  4. It´s great for surfing and I really like that they added an external memory slot – there´s more storage space for apps! Too bad you can´t really use it to take pictures, unlike the Moto G, which has a decent camera.


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