May 6th, 2014


Our friends up in the great white north usually hate seeing news about Google Play Music All Access, because the service hasn’t been available for them since its inception. That changes today, though, with Google finally bringing the goods to Canada.

What you’re getting is unlimited access to a library of over 20 million songs, from the most popular artists at the top of the Billboard 500 to those indie garage bands that you don’t hear about every day. There isn’t often a time where I think of a song and can’t find it on All Access. It might not have absolutely everything in the world, but the selection is pretty massive and impressive.

The best part is all of this is coming to you for just $9.99 per month, and not before you get to try it out for free for 30 days. You might as well take advantaged of that to see if you’ve been missing out on anything worth your while. Head to Google Play to get signed up, and find the app for your Android phone if you want to access it all on the go.

[via Google]

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