Apr 16th, 2014

Yay, more consumer electronics carnage! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest device that finds itself in the crosshairs of a madman with a gun. This time, the classic Barrett M107A1  is looking to rip through the plastic exterior and silicon interior of Samsung’s 2014 flagship device.

The video features the typical torture test at the start to test its durability. Just as we’ve seen in videos prior, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be thrown into a washing machine and run over by a truck, and still live to tell the tale.

That IP67 certification for dust-proof and waterproof, and its tempered, toughened glass might be enough to withstand the elemental conditions of life, but all of that goes into the trash when it meets the barrel of one of the most powerful sniper rifles out there. The bullet’s force causes it to hit the flagship phone so fiercely that it looks like it vanishes into complete dust to the human eye. Watch the video above if you’re into this sort of thing.

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