Apr 15th, 2014


What? Samsung is trademarking a ton of phone names on a random, rainy day? You don’t say! Another round of trademarks have sprouted from the USPTO, with the South Korean company apparently playing around with the following:

  • Galaxy Adore
  • Galaxy S Fitness
  • Galaxy V:

And that last one isn’t a typo — it really does have a colon mark at the end of it. Of course, trademarks aren’t required to tell us diddly squat about what they may or may not be used for, so we’re left to our own devices to guess.

The Galaxy Adore? How adorable — likely a forgettable entry-level or mid-range device to round out Samsung’s portfolio for the year. The Galaxy S Fitness could specialize in fitness, natch, with heart rate monitors and other fitness-related features in tow.

As for the Galaxy “V:”? Beats us. Quite frankly we’d be surprised to see Samsung use such a weird naming scheme reminiscent of Sony’s explosion of letters over the past few years. Of course, none of these names are guaranteed to see the light of day attached to an actual product. Be sure to share your own guesses in the comments below.

[via SamMobile]