Humble Bundle PC and Android 9 adds three more games


humble bundle android and pc 9

Did you pay more than the average of nearly $4 for the Hunble Bundle PC and Android 9 last week? If, so, you’ve already gotten all six games that came with the original package. You’ll be glad to know that 3 more have been added, bringing the grand total up to 9 games at great value.

Today’s new games are Savant — Ascent, The Shivah, and Syder Arcade. Savant is a vertical climbing puzzler that has you fighting your way to the top of a fantasy-riddle castle. The Shivah is a point-and-click mystery adventure with a murderous plot. Finally, Syder Arcade is a side-scrolling space shooter that celebrates the roots of gaming.

Here’s how the full list stacks up after the new additions:

Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9

Beat the average to unlock:

Haven’t yet gotten in on the Hunble Bundle? You can pay more than the current average of $3.89 to get every game above for a short while longer, but anything less will only net you the original 4 games that were included. Head here to get your game on if you’re interested.

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  1. What I’ve played so far from the bundle and my thoughts:
    Ravensword: Shadowlands is OK, not worth $7, but whatever.
    Knights of Pen and Paper is really good, definitely worth the $3 it sells for on the Play Store.
    The Shivah is good, but really short. Like, I beat it in like 2 hours and don’t think it has much replay value short. Not worth the $2 it sells for on the Apple App Store.
    Overall, I say beat the average, which currently stands at $3.91.

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