We’re live in New York at the all new HTC One unveiling (and how to follow along!)


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Just a quick reminder that today is the day that the all new HTC One — otherwise known as the HTC M8 — will be unveiled! We’re on the ground in New York City ready to bring you all the live coverage that you can handle.

All of the leaks leading up to today’s events haven’t left much room for imagination, but there’s still a chance to be a few secrets HTC has kept tucked away so you won’t want to miss all the awesomeness to come.

Want to follow along live? Don’t forget you can head to HTC’s website to see everything go down live. The live streamer doesn’t seem to be up just yet, but we’ll update this post whenever that changes.

Once you’re finished with that you’ll want to circle back to Phandroid.com for live hands-on coverage from the event. It all begins at 11AM eastern (that’s 3PM over in the UK) so buckle up and get ready!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Is there a youtube stream available? I want to watch it from my phone at work.

    1. http://android-revolution-hd.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/m8-livestream.html

      This link has the London event. The London event is a Youtube Live Event.

  2. I. Cannot. Wait.

  3. 11AM Eastern? So that means now? It’s 9:41AM central? Hmm…

    EDIT: Should have just clicked the link. LoL!!! 20 more minutes. 10AM Central Time

  4. in ~20 minutes for me.
    EDIT: yeah there is a live stream… helps to read :)

  5. Where is the event being held? As in location in NYC.

    1. As the title says: “We’re live in New York…..” :)

      1. Obviously. I did not think I need to say, “Where in NYC is this being held?” considering we all knew for months there would be simultaneous events in NYC and London!

        I’m interested in knowing the event location.

  6. htclaunch.com isnt working for me :(

    no countdown or stream

      1. “Not Found

        The requested URL / was not found on this server.”

        That’s what pops up for me.

        1. same here

    1. Not a good sign that HTC cant even do a video broadcast. What is this , 1980?

  7. 503 Error. Possibly due to overload. LoL!!

    Looks like I’ll be watching videos on the bus ride home, then.

  8. And the stream is throwing a 503 error. Not the greatest start.

    1. Means overload. =.[

    2. Well what do you expect when so many people are trying to view this stream all at the same time?

  9. Website can’t even handle a simple stream…

  10. :-(

    1. no watching for you!

    1. I was just about to post this, thanks

  11. its going down ladies and gents… streaming from my soon to be sold G2

    1. True, it’s loading now.

  12. They already announced it on Facebook

  13. …TODAY!? Mine!

  14. Getting the phone. You have to be dumb to not get it. I don’t care if I sound like a fanboy right now, they owned that event!!

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