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Today saw yet another landmark day for Android, making an official trajectory into wearables with Google’s announcement of Android Wear. Minutes later, Motorola made the Moto 360 Android Watch official, which runs on Android Wear. LG wasn’t about to sit on the sidelines and they’ve just made the LG G Watch by Android Wear official.


LG is claiming the G Watch will work with a wide range of Android devices, unlike the Samsung Gear which only works with Samsung devices, and will be made available in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Interesting to note is LG’s description of the development process:

This is LG’s fourth device developed in close collaboration with Google following the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and the LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition.

LG G Watch Specs and G Watch pictures have yet to be released… all we’ve got to on are the above tidbits and the iconic picture. It looks (based on the picture), very thin, minimalistic, and plastic with a glossy face frame and matte lower half.

I’ll reserve judgement until I see more, but I’m sure our readers will make their opinions widely known in the comments. That’s your queue!

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Moto 360 Android watch officially announced

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  1. Sweeet :) Maybe this one will work with any android device!

  2. Cue

  3. I find it hard to be excited about this now that Motorola unveiled the 360.

    1. Will the 360 work across Android equally well?

      1. Not sure. I really hope it does though, otherwise that’ll be a turn off for me. Digging the sexy round look so far. And if it includes all around android support and its anything like the Moto X in terms of build quality it’ll be a home run.

      2. I really hope so!

  4. Oh I am excited, more/better options are coming. I am REALLY glad I returned the Galaxy Gear back in January. Don’t get me wrong as it was nice BUT I decided to wait and see what comes out this year. Looks like a good gamble…

  5. LG has done a lot of work with battery tech. They may be the best OEM to release a smartwatch with acceptable battery life. Not that others aren’t capable, like Motorola (ie, Maxx). That Moto360 is one fine looking smartwatch.

  6. I hope this is as nice as the Moto 360 and pairs well with my G2

  7. This is exciting… however, only equally exciting if this is the Google smartwatch we heard about. If not, I’m down with the Moto 360 as it’s sexy as hell.

    1. Yeah, it looks exactly like the one they’ve been showing in all the official “Android Wear” pics. Given that the name is officially “LG G Watch by Android Wear,” I’m almost positive this is the “Google smartwatch” that’s been rumored.

      They even compared it to their Nexus devices. Doesn’t get much more official than that.

      1. Awesome!

      2. Could it be that this is either a Nexus Watch or they will have a Google Play Edition (GPE) watch? I am thinking the Moto 360 could be a GPE watch as well since Google is showing both square and round watch faces on the developer preview.

  8. well…I just loved the way the 360 looked…I was just looking at Michael Kors watches….but being a techie..I’m willing to drop $300+ on an elegant techno watch…I am a man of functionality, the more it does, the more I like it..MK can fox me up at the club, but Moto 360 will fox me up at Starbucks… and let’s face it…I’m at Starbucks more than clubs….

    Edit: oops I was dragging on..yeah the LG watch I will have to wait for specs and options.. the Moto 360 aesthetically caught my eye.

  9. Damn LG, really really bad timing (pun intended) lol the moto 360 just stole not only your thunder but the thunder of every other smart watch !

    1. IKR!? I’m seeing the articles now, and I’m like “forget this watch, that Moto 360, though”. LoL!!

      1. Lmao this thing already shot itself to the top of my “must buy” things and it’s not even released yet ! :p

  10. I see this stuff going down in flames as fast as it started.

  11. So many smartwatch announcements, but none of them embrace the flexible curve display (except the lame galaxy gear). Very disappointing. I will even more disappointing if Apple starts coming out flexible curve display for their smartwatch, and everyone else start following. That would be a such failure for Android device manufactures.

    1. Yes, like all those times you looked at your watch and thought, “I wish this display was curved.” Disappointing.

  12. Wondering if this is going to be using AMOLED, seeing as how the screen is mostly black it could help a lot with battery life. Though I like the way the lighter screens and the hardware look on the Moto better.

  13. what if G-Shock came out with an Android Wear version. of their watches!!!!!OooooooMmmmmmGgggg!!!!!!!

    1. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I cannot think of a more perfect pairing of technological euphoria.

  14. I drank the Goolge kool-aid. Simply put my 2nd Nexus (Nexus 5) is a dream. While the Moto 360 looks too sexy for words, it also looks expensive. Hopefully LG kills it w the Nexus watch. Gulp gulp, yes Google I’ll have another glass please.

  15. I really like this watch. I know alot of people are digging the Moto watch, but I prefer a square watch face for my smartwatch. Just seems better suited to display pics and messages. I’ll hold judgment until I see the Moto watch in action tho. One thing is for sure, Google is on its sh!t with this Android Wear

  16. I’m gonna wait for Sony’s watch in June :) before I make any hasty decisions .

    1. They are dropping a Smartwatch3? I have the 2 and it’s okay for what it is but it lacks any true use other than notifications. I am stoked to have Google now on my wrist!

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