Mar 13th, 2014

We’ve all seen the Lebron James Samsung commercials – from his cameo in Samsung’s 2013 Superbowl ad to the most recent Samsung Galaxy Note 3 diss of the iPhone – and there’s no doubt he loves himself some Samsung. We even saw him proudly posterizing his custom Galaxy Note 2 when he first got it in 2012.

Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t treated King James as well, telling his Twitter followers that the phone “just erased everything” and “rebooted”:


For the record, Sir King Sir, next time you’ve got a problem with your Galaxy Note 3 or any other Android device, we invite your royalty to head on over to We’ll get you fixed up, I promise, and you might want to check out our Note 3 Tips & Tricks while you’re at it.

Lebron Note 3

Hmmm… he must have already found it.

Just a friendly reminder that everyone will eventually have a problem with their phone, regardless of the brand or operating system. It happens. It sucks. There are definitely measures you can take to prevent disasters, but the friendly folks at Android Forums exist to help people with questions and problems large and small, so come join in the fun.

LeBron James

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