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We’ve all seen the Lebron James Samsung commercials – from his cameo in Samsung’s 2013 Superbowl ad to the most recent Samsung Galaxy Note 3 diss of the iPhone – and there’s no doubt he loves himself some Samsung. We even saw him proudly posterizing his custom Galaxy Note 2 when he first got it in 2012.

Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t treated King James as well, telling his Twitter followers that the phone “just erased everything” and “rebooted”:


For the record, Sir King Sir, next time you’ve got a problem with your Galaxy Note 3 or any other Android device, we invite your royalty to head on over to AndroidForums.com. We’ll get you fixed up, I promise, and you might want to check out our Note 3 Tips & Tricks while you’re at it.

Lebron Note 3

Hmmm… he must have already found it.

Just a friendly reminder that everyone will eventually have a problem with their phone, regardless of the brand or operating system. It happens. It sucks. There are definitely measures you can take to prevent disasters, but the friendly folks at Android Forums exist to help people with questions and problems large and small, so come join in the fun.

LeBron James

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  1. Rob, it wouldn’t hurt to see you on the forums more often either bro. Not trying to be rude amigo just being honest.

    1. Yeah, Rob…


    2. +1 … I haven’t been ON the forums much lately but I’ve been working ON the forums A LOT. We’ve got some big things coming soon, god willing, but if anyone asks you didn’t hear it from me.

  2. Publicity stunt

    1. Yeah because negative publicity is awesome

    2. Considering he didn’t name the phone or manufacturer, that is extremely unlikely.

      1. You know how vocal are idiots. He probably lost progress in some shitty game he was playing, but he just must say that he lost ALL the data.

        1. I agree on that. What does it mean “I lost ALL the data”. Even if he would like to do that, I doubt if he could manage to perform it.

  3. Ewww Samsung is trash, bro.

    1. They aight.

  4. Samsung forced him to say his last remark. You know since he’s on Samsung’s payroll. Samsung owns his ass!

    1. samsung can have my whole ass for millions of dollars

  5. should’ve posted a better picture … like this one… as a superhero!

    1. Carbon fiber face is definitely that of a supervillain. That looks like a man that lives in a hollowed out volcano.

    2. wore that against my knicks….was cool though

  6. I had to instruct my co-worker about the merits of using Google cloud services to back everything up, including Google+ photos after he wrecked his second S4.

  7. 377 and 1397 tardlies felt they needed to retweet or favorite his announcement that he got all his stuff back? Sick, sick people.

  8. What’s with the Cavs photo?

    1. The Cavs photo? I think it’s residual resentment. I know the feeling, Favre broke my heart wearing that ugly purple in Minnesota.

  9. You know what doesn’t make sense? The first tweet on his phone erasing everything went out on 3/12/14 at 5:03 PM. Then the “whew, got everything back” tweet went out at 2:49pm.

    What’d he do? time travel?

    1. Different time zone…

  10. what is that strange uniform he’s wearing in the profile pic?

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