Mar 6th, 2014


A new upgrade is headed to the Touchless Controls app on the Moto X and the Verizon DROID Mini, Ultra and MAXX. There weren’t a multitude of new features, though the magnitude of the one new feature certainly does excite us.

Motorola has added a new “What’s Up” command, which will recite your notifications back to you in an oddly-digitized voice. You can also use “Read Notifications” if the former command is too informal for you.

Motorola took care to mention that this feature only works on devices that have received the Android 4.4 upgrade, so if you haven’t been stepped up to KitKat yet you’ll want to get on that as soon as possible. The new commands are fully functional and  available in English, Spanish and Italian, while various other languages have been included under the beta label.

It’s good to see Motorola’s continuing to deliver great new features through apps in the Google Play Store, and not leaving it up to firmware upgrades which can take quite a while to reach everyone. Grab the download here, and let us know what you think after having tried it for yourself.