Mar 6th, 2014


We feel like we’ve only begun settling in with our Nexus 5 and here come rumors of its followup already buzzing around the net. We don’t expect to actually learn anything about the “ Nexus 6” for at least another 7 months, but rumors out of Germany are suggesting Google might, once again, contract LG for the building of the next Nexus due out later this year.

Nexus 6 and Nexus smartwatch

These latest rumors coming out of  Gizmodo (Germany) claiming to even have a few details of the device, saying it will be a lightweight version of the LG G3 said to launch this June. Also mentioned was LG also building the much rumored Nexus smartwatch, a growing trend in wearable computing.

Nexus 6 concept

Android fans are sure to point out the fact that LG was already “chosen” as the manufacture of the last 2 Nexuses/Nexi (Nexus 4 and Nexus 5), leaving us to question the legitimacy of these rumors. Really, it’s tough to say with certainty exactly what Google will do. Although, typically, Google hasn’t stuck with any one manufacturer more than twice when building the Nexus, they’ve never actually come out and said 2 was ever the magic number.

Of course, we (as well as most of you) would have liked to see another OEM take a stab at building a low cost smartphone running stock Android software, with HTC and Sony immediately coming to mind.

6-inch Nexus?

Another point to consider is whether or not Google will even call the device the Nexus 6 or simply the Nexus 5 (2014). The number designates the display size of the device, not the generation. It’s entirely possible they could always go big and build a 6-inch smartphone (based on the LG G Flex or LG G Pro 2) but that’s territory very few OEMs (or consumers) are willing to go.


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