Feb 27th, 2014

google plus update

Google+ users can look forward to a new upgrade sitting in the Google Play Store, with Vic Gundotra telling us that this is another one that’s all about making the photo experience more awesome than it already is.

The biggest feature for some folks will be the ability to edit a photo on one device, and seamlessly continue where you left on another device — all the while maintaining the original copy. Google is calling this “non-destructive editing” for what it’s worth, but it doesn’t need a cool name to be awesome.

We’re also getting a host of brand new filters and creative tools such as built-in crop and rotate, and some of Snapseed’s best post-processed image tweaks. An “all” view will show you all of your devices from the cloud and from the device you’re viewing the photos on.

Finally, you can now jump between photos by date in the “all” view to give you an easy way to flip through the tons of photos you’ve likely backed up to the cloud.

Of course, Google is electing to roll this one out gradually so it may not hit your device right away. You’ll want to be patient as it could take a few days to reach everyone. If you’re not against checking, though, then head here and see if you can’t get in on all the new goodies.

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