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The wearable tech space is heating up and lately it’s been all about the wrist. Devices such as the Pebble Steel, Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, and Jawbone UP are selling like hotcakes. Android manufacturers want in on the action too: the newly announced Samsung Gear Fit looks amazing, they’ve also announced the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, and it won’t be long until we see the LG Lifeband Touch.

Don’t forget about Motorola. I know: forgetting insinuates that at one point you had a Motorola Smartwatch in your memory. Dare I remind you of the Motorola MOTO ACTV that we reviewed back in 2011?

Okay, perhaps it’s better that you forgot. The MOTO ACTV wasn’t exactly a home run, but let’s just say it was a few years before its time. Motorola is rethinking their smartwatch strategy and a tweet by Senior VP of Product Management, Rick Osterloh, is promising a brand new Motorola watch in 2014 with a focus on style and battery life.

I think we’d all agree that style and battery life are two of the most important features for consumers. I’d wager a bet that price, feature set, and thickness (or lack thereof) round out the Top 5. Let’s hope Moto can manage them all.

Rumors have swirled that a Google Smartwatch will debut at Google IO 2014, potentially made by LG. Considering LG made both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5, and Google recently sold Motorola to Lenovo, we wouldn’t find this news surprising. But then again, Google continues to excite and surprise us with their Nexus selections, and might surprise us further by killing off the Nexus bloodline completely.

One thing is for sure: if you’ve been wanting a Motorola smartwatch, you can officially start saving your money.

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