Hands-on: Samsung Gear Fit [VIDEO]



We are at the Samsung Unpacked 5 event in Barcelona and we have to say one of the most interesting wearables we have seen is the Samsung Gear Fit.

This smartwatch focuses on health, while keeping you connected with notifications for messages, email and other communication services. It is not as functional as other smartwatches, but it offers basic smartwatch functionality and all the health benefits in a smaller, better-looking package.

We have gone hands-on with the device and can’t deny we love it! It is small, sleek, very aesthetically pleasing and brings you some of the favorite features we have in full-featured smart watches.

We can also assume it will be at least a bit cheaper! Check out the video above and our announcement post to learn more about it! And don’t forget to let us know what you think! Do you like this little guy as much as we do?

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Does it have GPS?

    1. GPS on this device would be nice and replace my ipod nano.

  2. This is exactly what I want in a fitness band, actually. Only problem with it is that it only works with Samsung galaxy devices. My current phone is a GS3, but my next phone probably won’t be, so I will not be getting this, even though I love it. By the time it comes out, it will be useless to me.

    1. I believe they said in the key note speech that both of the new watches would be compatible with over 16,000 devices. Not just the Galaxy line.

  3. Looks great. Will there be an SDK? It’d be cool if Nike, Adidas, Runtastic, etc. could write software to integrate with the device.

  4. The pedometer is over 9000!

    1. wajajajaja xDDD

  5. That curved display is pretty damn nice.

  6. Oh yeah, consider it bought!

  7. Would be better with an e-ink display for outdoor activities (which is its purpose), built in GPS, interoperability with non Samsung devices, api for existing fitness apps, and galvanic and skin temp sensors on the back g like Basis). I’m assuming it does pedometer? Chris…you seriously said, “Let me just see if I can strap it on here” ….and for that, the Internet thanks you.

    1. e-ink display? oh hell no.

      1. For a fitness device? Hell yes. I have a Nike+ watch…. I HAD a Motorola Actv….had as in long gone. E-ink is more visible in daylight conditions and the only thing with the type of battery life a slow runner like me needs to make it through a marathon. You can’t have form without function on a fitness device.

        1. E-ink looks like 1998 tech and that’s what I don’t like about it for a smart watch (I do love my Kindle Paper White tho)… I’m pretty sure this little cutie here (gear fit) has plenty battery for at least few marathons (in a row :P)… Also this product is more for athlete enthusiasts than actually professional competitors.

          1. Except for a fitness device you want to be able to see it outdoors. You’ll probably have to go into a cave to see this AMOLED outdoors. Not very practical.

          2. Think gym athletes. Nevertheless the AMOLED has much better day light visibility than the LCD.

  8. All i heard was the unpacked lounge for refreshments and food lol. Also chris you had a couple of russians near you when you filmed this lol.

  9. Curious,
    the screen is landscape but aren’t watches read in portrait mode???

    1. looks like it’d be hard to read while jogging. and you’d look kinda funny with your arm bent like that.

  10. Looking very nice! Finally a sleek looking one with heart rate and phone notification features! It is going to be a very difficult choice between this one and the Razor Nabu

    1. I never thought I’d say that about a Samsung mobile product, but it’s beautiful. When will all these devices incorporate blood pressure monitors? This is way more important reading than heartbeat or step count.

  11. Since it only works with Samsung phones; what is the point? The new samsung phones have a pedometer and heartrate monitor built in. They also have the amoled scrceens which you cant see outside. So what does this add?

    I can buy a $40 pedometer that talks to any smartphone.

    1. I agree. I want it to be out in the world so folks can tinker with it. if I can get GoogleNow cards or other notifications on it, then it might be useful both as a wearable alternative to Glass and pedometer/heath tracker thing. Built in Heart Monitor is a nice feature though as those are usually quite expensive.

  12. is it just me or do other people think that the display is oriented the wrong way ?
    it makes my arm uncomfortable just to to look at it …

    1. Not just you

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