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There are many goals for Google’s Project Tango, a smartphone prototype outfitted with 3D sensors that can see and interpret the world around it, but one is to provide a way to create detailed maps of indoor environments. So just what will those maps look like? Matterport, a company dedicated to the 3D mapping of interior spaces, was among the first to get their hands on Google’s new project and are giving us a chance to experience what they captured using Tango.

The above video gives you an idea of how Tango is used to capture the details of an environment as well as a look at the results. A full demo on their site gives us a chance to explore the created 3D environment’s every nook and cranny.

We imagine this is just grazing the surface of what Project Tango will be able to do. Just as with Google Glass, Project Tango provides a core experience and standard smartphone functionality Whether Tango grows to be more than a pet project of Google’s will depend on the work of Matterport and other developers. There is potential for some pretty awesome creations, based off this quick demo.

[via Matterport]

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  1. I’m not sold on that…if you want to tell me that it can separate that PS3 box on the floor from the rest of the room and recognize that as a movable object…then I’ll be impressed.

    1. well… THAT would be really impressive, but I guess this is a huge deal already and a very nice tool for Architects around the world I guess… there may be(actually there are) others appliances , but this one is what I think will be the most used.

      1. this isn’t anymore useful than “MagicPlan” for the iPad.

        1. Except it’s not on an iPad.

          1. no it’s not – it’s a device that has been engineered to provide more functionality in a very specific area and in my judgment, it doesn’t hit that mark.

          2. lol, what are you expecting here?

          3. Well stop the presses! Someone on the internet isn’t impressed. Guess they should cancel it then.

        2. Did you even see what this does?

  2. Precision is not that impressive… The only thing they did in reality is do the same thing a hacked kinect can do, but with a cell phone…

    1. Main advantage of this tech is low power consumption not precision.

  3. ZOMG I can’t wait for the 3D food and baby pictures on Facebook!!!

  4. I can’t wait to see a game using this tech from real-world buildings (including your own home). This is so awesome.

  5. Batman: Beautiful, isn’t it?

    Lucius Fox: Beautiful… unethical… dangerous. You’ve turned every cellphone in Gotham into a microphone.

    Batman: And a high-frequency generator-receiver.

    Lucius Fox: You took my sonar concept and applied it to every phone in the city. With half the city feeding you sonar, you can image all of Gotham. This is *wrong*.

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