Use the “Meet me Halfway” app to find the perfect place to meet and save on gas


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Have you ever arranged to meet with someone? Often times than not, it’s less convenient for one person to get to the meeting spot than the other, which is typically the result of having to drive to some predetermined location that the two sides agree on. But what if both sides can take equal routes to the same spot and divvy up the burden of travel? That’s what Meet Me Halfway is for.

It’s not a terribly complicated app on the surface. Simply put in two different addresses — the starting point for each of the meeting’s participants — and boom: it spits out a point on the map where you two can drive equal distances to meet up. You even have options for route preferences, so you can avoid highways or tolls if you don’t want to deal with traffic.

Of course, your final destination doesn’t have to be that exact spot. The app could help you find a cafe or a bar somewhere close, but the point is to help cut travel down for both sides instead of leaving one side with a hefty gas bill.

The developer also has some updates planned for future versions, including a list view, the ability to pull addresses from contact listings, and more. It’s free, so give it a shot in the Google Play Store the next time you find yourself dreading an hour long drive to meet someone.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. it works, but you can still make up an address to better favor you…

    1. Which completely defeats the purpose of the app…

  2. This is pretty simple but useful. Can’t wait to use it.

    I wonder if there’s an iPhone version for my friends on that OS.

    1. Dev here! Expect an iOS version in the near future :).

      1. Hello, Dev. Interesting name. I’m curious. Are you originally from the subcontinent, being named Dev?

  3. Thanks. Now I’ve got Kenny Loggins stuck in my head.

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