HTC One users on T-Mobile and AT&T should expect Android 4.4 KitKat within the next few days


HTC One unboxing hands on

While not as quick as say, the Moto X, the road to KitKat for the HTC One has been a relatively speedy one. Right towards the tail end of January, Sprint became the first carrier in the US to update the HTC One to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Soon after, the Verizon Wireless version of the device joined Sprint’s in the winner’s circle.

HTC One Android 4.4 KitKat status page

Still waiting for the update are AT&T and T-Mobile users, but after keeping a close eye on HTC’s Reddit AMA, we learned that T-Mobile’s update is now in the final steps of its certification, and that the update will be pushed out to HTC Ones any day now. This information was furthered confirmed by HTC President Jason Mackenzie on Twitter, who also mentioned AT&T users should be expecting the update as well sometime next week.

We’ll be keeping an eye out, and if anyone notices the update hitting their HTC One, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected], or hit me up on Twitter: @Gamercore. Cheers!

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  1. This article sounds vaguely familiar………

    1. like 3 weeks ago

      1. You will be dealt with accordingly………………

    2. Yeah, but now it’s like…. really, REALLY coming soon.

      1. Bruh, you have no idea how Impatient I am right now

        1. Weren’t you the one I made a bet with?

          1. Hahahahahahahahahaha

          2. I take PayPal.

      2. I know they will, just been resisting the urge to dump on HTC ’til now, couldn’t let this one pass.

        Personal experience w/HTC aside, they’re doing OK.
        For their sake & the rest of the ANDROID Community, I hope they hang around & continue to improve.

  2. Lovely. I used a 4.4.2 ROM and it was pretty bad. So now that the update is here, I’ll be able to update my ROM to the official Tmo one.

  3. Great ,that means lg g2 from verizon should get the upgrade by 2020

  4. I like how people bash HTC for being the 1st(non google oem) to update but not being 1st by a large enough margin…. hilarious in my mind.

    1. Agreed. HTC and Sprint have consistently been first out of the box, most times, with software upgrades over the last two years. Their phone naming scheme and marketing will be their downfall.

  5. i already received mine, i was trying to email you guys yesterday

    1. What carrier?

      1. tmobile

    2. What carrier?

  6. ive received mine

  7. Thanks LG G2 – We don’t need updates. Keep on screwing your customers like you usually do.

  8. Heh. I was hoping the T-Mobile version would be ready by Valentine’s Day, but I guess a couple days later isn’t bad.

    Nice to at least get a general time frame. Better than no time frame.

  9. Why these a holes keep repeating themselves?

  10. Then it will get DELAYED YET AGAIN. FCK HTC Y bother buy HTC phones when they never updated

  11. Yeah get a Samsung because they are all about updating. Priority one!

  12. My response to this disaster is that I will continue to buy the top HTC phones but will switch to Sprint. AT&T is pathetic when it comes to updates. And quite a few other things. Once the contract expires, I’m switching. Hard to blame HTC for this when people on Sprint have had it for a while now.

  13. The HTC site has been “Certifying” for 3 weeks now this isn’t “new” news

  14. There’s got to be a way to complain to AT&T about their slowness when it comes to approving software updates. Contacting tech support would not seem useful, as I would probably be complaining to some poor sap who has no idea what I would be talking about, and wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway even if they did. >:|

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