Feb 12th, 2014

We love a good render. No, we’re not talking about those over-the-top concept images you find plastered all over the internets (although those can be fun too). We’re talking about renders so wonderfully crafted, you just might confuse them for the real deal. In fact, this is actually our reasoning behind this post, So that: 1. you know that this render making the rounds is not official — and 2. because we think it’s flippin’ awesome.

HTC M8 render based on leaks

Based on a variety of leaks, a talented XDA member with the handle Hamdir was able to create an incredibly convincing HTC M8 mockup in painstaking detail. Multiple sources factored in its creation, including the leak showing a more unibody design in the M8, the 3D carved model, a variety of M8 cases, and finally some alleged closeups of the back and front of the device. Put them together and you get this near-official looking render that, best guess, is probably what you can expect the when the M8 is finally unveiled in the near future.

One area to consider is the fact that the M8 will feature slightly more rounded corners (based on many leaks) and possibly thicker bezels. Some have commented that HTC could be making mistake by relying to heavily on the design of their previous offering. We don’t think so. Not only has the original HTC One aged gracefully, HTC is attempting to build a brand around this flagship design for greater recognition. Also, there’s enough differences in the hardware (dual-lens) that no one will mistake the M8 for last year’s model.

What do you guys think of this concept render?

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