Feb 11th, 2014

Samsung CES 2014 DSC05150

Right now, nobody can be sure exactly what Samsung has up their sleeve for the Galaxy S5. We know rumors are pointing to 2 possible models: one featuring super high-end specs dubbed “Prime,” and another standard model with specs more in tune with last year’s model.

Yesterday we not only got, what appeared to be, a look at the specs of these models after they appeared in an AnTuTu benchmark — the US Cellular version sporting 2K display with 3GB of RAM, along with a European model with a 1080p display and 2GB of RAM. This looked good for the US, as it appeared we’d be receiving the higher-end version (even if only the US Cellular version was benched). But not so fast…

Sprint UA prof SM-G900P

A certain SM-G900P made an appearance on Sprint’s site via a user agent profile. This matched up perfectly with yesterday’s list of model numbers for a handful of Galaxy S5 variants, along with their respective regions/carriers. While that’s not the biggest news in of itself, it’s the device’s reported display resolution that has some in a panic. According to the UA prof, Sprint’s Galaxy S5 could launch with a 1080p display, leading some to wonder if they managed to get stuck with the “standard” model, instead of the higher-end “Prime.”

Really, user agent profiles should never be taken as bible and it’s possible this was only a prototype device for testing on Sprint’s network, who knows. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

[Sprint | via SammyToday]

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