Feb 10th, 2014 publishUpdated   Jul 22nd, 2014, 1:41 pm

Flatty Bird title

I’m sure there are a good number of you rejoicing at the fact that Flappy Birds developer pulled the game from the Google Play Store (and Apple App Store) over the weekend. For some of us, it was the game we loved to hate, and where there were a vast number of copy-cat games gradually began flooding the Google Play Store in an attempt to cash-in on the Flappy Bird phenomenon, we came across one that actually helps you take out your frustrations on that derpy little bird.

Flatty Bird gameplay

Titled Flatty Bird, the game borrows from the same graphical elements as Flappy Bird, even going as far as replicating its antagonist. What it doesn’t do, is feature gameplay that’s anything like Flappy Bird (although, challenging none-the-less). Simply tap on the screen to squash the flappy birds as they attempt to fly in-between the pipes. Have to admit, we found it oddly satisfying to exact our revenge on the bird that soared its way into pop stardom.

While the game is rated-G, we would have loved to have seen a version with little more gore. Channel your hate and give it a Flatty Bird a download below.

Download on Google Play: Flatty Bird