LG ships 13.2 million smartphones in Q4 2013


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LG has announced performance results for the final quarter in 2013. Good news was abundant for the South Korean technology giant, with the company announcing overall revenues of $14.03 billion in Q4 2013. That added onto their end-year total to bring in $53.10 billion for the entirety of 2013. As good as those numbers look, LG’s profit margins on the year only increased to $1.17 billion, up slightly from the $1.08 million made in 2012.

So what helped LG to reach those numbers this past quarter? Well, their booming smartphone business isn’t a bad place to start. The company reportedly shipped 13.2 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, helping them to bring in $3.38 billion in revenue (which was 18% higher than Q3). That brought year-on-year revenue numbers for their mobile business to a significant 29% increase to the tune of $11.85 billion, meaning it made up for about a fifth of overall revenue.

LG’s mobile business was beat by home entertainment (television and blu-ray), though that particular division saw overall profits decline by about 5%. They were able t beat out appliances and home energy solutions, though, making mobile one of LG’s most important sectors going forward. For 2014, LG’s looking to increase revenues to about $57 billion, and we don’t see them having a problem meeting that goal if their mobile business is just as good as it was in 2013.

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  1. I’m curious to know the sales numbers for the Nexus 5.

    1. Every iteration has sold better than the previous. By including LTE and 32gb of storage, the 5 probably generated more interest than the 4.

  2. I really hope this is a sign that other OEMs are gaining Android marketshare. I like Samsung, but one OEM controlling over half the market is a bit too much. I think we’ll also see better numbers from Motorola by the end of this quarter with the global G launch and the X in Europe.

  3. “LG’s profit margins on the year only increased to $1.17 billion, up slightly from the $1.08 million made in 2012.”

    Millions to billions is only a slight increase? :p

    Good to see LG putting up big numbers. They are one of my favorite manufacturer thus far, up there with Moto. Now let’s throw HTC a bone.

  4. Good on LG. Need more players to profit. I personally love the G2.

  5. The G2 is a fantastic phone, and I am sure the Nexus 5 helped their figures out a lot.

  6. Lg is now what HTC used to be and vice versa. Great job LG

  7. I wonder how big of a roll the nexus 5 played in their mobile boost. I personally love mine.

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