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Skynet? Robots? Supercharged Google Search results? We’re not sure what Google might want with London-based artificial intelligence firm DeepMind, but the company is reportedly putting in a bid to buy them for about $400 million. DeepMind is heralded in the artificial intelligence field as one of the largest and most capable teams dedicated to moving forward with computer smarts.

Here’s how their simple website describes the company:

DeepMind is a cutting edge artificial intelligence company. We combine the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms.

The reported acquisition is part of a string of moves by Google to improve their positioning in the AI space, with the company making a recent push in hiring experts in the field. DeepMind’s staff of about 50 people are said to be comprised of some of the most talented individuals in the AI community, with the likes of Google and Facebook vying for their services before they decided to join up with the relatively new company.

Artificial intelligence might sound scary to the common individual, but you’d be surprised how much of it is used in everyday tech. Stuff like Google Now is driven by primitive forms of artificial intelligence, as is NPC control in video games.

AI is also a major part of aviation, healthcare, finance and many other industries. With Google’s desire to be at the forefront of primitive technology such as robotics and home automation, this latest move comes at absolutely no surprise. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if either side of this deal has anything official to announce in the weeks or months to come.

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