Jan 23rd, 2014

Ready for another interesting Kickstarter project? This one is being called the VERSI, which apparently stands for “versatile, ergonomic, rugged, stable and iconic.” Simply put, it’s a desktop dock / stand that can fit any smartphone and tablet. That alone isn’t exciting, of course, as there have been many of those in the past.

But the VERSI will make its name from the ability to position your smartphone or tablet however you’d like. Whether you like a low, slightly elevated angle or want the device right up close and personal, the VERSI will be able to twist and turn to your hearts’ content.

The quick GIF below should give you a pretty good idea of the different types of angles you’ll be able to achieve, though the video is also sitting above in case you’re more interested in that. VERSI only weighs 585 grams, and was designed in a way to protect both your desk and your devices from scratches and scuffs.

versi moving

The base of the stand also includes grooves for holding pens and pencils, business cards and other typical office supplies. VERSI also includes clips for hiding whatever cable you use to charge whatever device you’ll be propping up. Finally, adjustable clips makes VERSI compatible with pretty much any “normal” case out there (though no promises are made if you happen to put a tank of a case on your smartphone).

The project is pretty cheap, with the Kickstarter goal being set to just $3,000. That goal has already been surpassed as of the time of this writing, with over $5,700 dollars pledged with 22 days to go. The cheapest option to get one of these is for $69, though you should note that is only an early bird option and there are only 10 units available at that price.

The next price is $89 for the standard anodized aluminum VERSI. Other tiers include options for adding LED lights, as well as a dual VERSI option for having two devices propped up simultaneously. It’s a pretty neat project, so be sure to head to Kickstarter and drop some cash if you’ve been looking for something like this. It’s expected to ship starting April 2014.

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