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The founder of the second most popular Android ROM and possibly the man with most amount of swagger from the Android community, Roman Birg, has joined Cyanogen Inc.

Roman started the Android Open Kang Project ROM back in November 2011, following the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Since then, his ROM has gained quite the following throughout the Android modding community, ranking in at number two after CyanogenMod, Android’s most popular custom ROM.

We’ve confirmed with both Roman and CyanogenMod and wish Roman the best of luck on his new career path. Roman might have left the land of pink unicorns behind for a new day job, but that doesn’t mean AOKP is dead. AOKP is a living, breathing machine. Roman has assured us that he will still be contributing to AOKP while he hangs with Cid and gang.

Not only is this a shocker that will most likely rock the Android world, this is truly exciting. Only good things can come from this. What are you thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: Asher Simonds

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