Jan 19th, 2014

The man, the myth, the legend, evleaks, has done it again, giving us another look into Samsung’s upcoming user interface overhaul. In a previous Sasmung UI leak, we saw a new UI that was best described as a Windows Phone Live Tiles clone. This time evleaks has offered up what would appear to be a colorful, informative cards UI, that reminds of us Windows Phone’s Live Tiles as before, but this time includes contextual and useful information similar to Android’s Google Now. The collection of cards includes your current location, home automation, fitness tracking, food orders, biking/cycling information, sports scores, flight information, delivery updates, event reminders, and more.


Most of these services are currently offered through Google Now, but Samsung seems to be taking the card UI a bit further by adding a social element beyond commute updates and birthday announcements. The cards above show check-in information, location sharing, song sharing, and messages from your friends intertwined with other information that you would be tracking.

It’s no huge secret that many users from the Android world view Samsung’s current TouchWiz UI as dated and in need of a drastic overhaul. It’s not known if these images depict an application that can be launched in a similar method to S-Voice or Google Now or if these images are part of a bigger plan to revamp TouchWiz into a cleaner and more modern experience.

With Mobile World Congress 2014 being a little over a month away and the Samsung Galaxy S5 set to launch in the Spring, we look forward to these leaks materializing into something a bit more tangible in the near future.

Source: evleaks

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