Jan 17th, 2014


When Sprint dropped their One Up program in favor of their oddly named Framily plans, there were a few of you were bummed out that you would no longer have access to an early upgrade option on the Now Network. Don’t worry, Sprint still wants to offer tech junkies a way to feed their addictions and upgrade to the latest devices whenever they want. This comes via the newly announced Easy Pay option.

Similar to T-Mobile’s JUMP, Sprint will allow customers to upgrade their devices at any time, providing they’re willing to put a down payment on a device and agree to 24 monthly installment payments. Should a customer find themselves eying yet another shiny new device during that time, they can simply pay off their current device starting the process all over again whenever they feel the need to upgrade to newer hardware.

Once devices are paid off, they’re the customer’s to do with as they like. Sell on Craigslist, or trade ’em in via Sprint’s device buyback program.

Sprint’s new Easy Pay payment plan is perfect for individuals who simply aren’t able to sign up with their recently announced Framily plans (which get discounted upgrades every 12 months with an Unlimited plan). We know this became official yesterday, just wanted to make sure no one missed it.