Sprint Easy Pay is the carrier’s new replacement for One Up early upgrades



When Sprint dropped their One Up program in favor of their oddly named Framily plans, there were a few of you were bummed out that you would no longer have access to an early upgrade option on the Now Network. Don’t worry, Sprint still wants to offer tech junkies a way to feed their addictions and upgrade to the latest devices whenever they want. This comes via the newly announced Easy Pay option.

Similar to T-Mobile’s JUMP, Sprint will allow customers to upgrade their devices at any time, providing they’re willing to put a down payment on a device and agree to 24 monthly installment payments. Should a customer find themselves eying yet another shiny new device during that time, they can simply pay off their current device starting the process all over again whenever they feel the need to upgrade to newer hardware.

Once devices are paid off, they’re the customer’s to do with as they like. Sell on Craigslist, or trade ’em in via Sprint’s device buyback program.

Sprint’s new Easy Pay payment plan is perfect for individuals who simply aren’t able to sign up with their recently announced Framily plans (which get discounted upgrades every 12 months with an Unlimited plan). We know this became official yesterday, just wanted to make sure no one missed it.


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  1. Eh, I’ll stick to my method of selling the current/older phone and using that money to put towards the new phone I want. May be more expensive this way, but it keeps me from renewing my contract.

    1. Honestly, that’s what I’ve been doing for years now. Pay full price for phone, sell it, use money to pay down my next phone.

      Works even better if you do it with subsidized phones as most times, you break even.

      1. Not really breaking even… because any place subsidising phone for you is reaming you on the plan.

        1. yeah, substations are baked into the plans, whoever does not see this is not the one paying the bill each month. how else do you explain paying about $70 a month per phone (on avg) for most family plans on any major carrier? $240 per month after taxes for 3 phones with a reasonable amount of data is insane.

          1. I pay the bills and I paid $320 with taxes and fees with this plan I’ll be paying $40 more plus the devices, even adding one more line still be losing.

  2. Really?!?!?!?!?! What a joke!!!!! Sprint keeps trying and just getting worse and worse. So sad. Make the customer do all the work? Sounds very unlike tmobile. Funny thing is the 1% of sprint customers who like them will jump all over this. Talking about “see sprint is all about their customers” “great service, cheap plans and now great upgrade plans” hahaha haha haha haha let’s get real. Nothing worse than a sprint customer defending them or justifying their shitty service. Just saying

    1. Man you said it. Once the s5 comes out on ATT, I’m disappearing from the sprint network for good! I can’t wait! I’m counting down!

  3. I don’t get how this is a deal. They’re just offering financing on the device, and you’re paying full price for it anyway?
    At least with Jump you just pay a fee for 6 months and then upgrade. Rinse and repeat. Not pay the whole thing off and then do what you want.

    1. the new plans are much cheaper then the old data share plans. new plans are $25-$55 a line depending on how many you have (1-$55/line, 2-$50, 3-$45,…, 7-$25) and you can span your plan over several accounts, so getting to 7 is easy. that price is for utl talk, text, and 1GB data(per line). if you need more then 1GB of data you can pay $10 extra for 3GB or $20 for unlimited (on a per line basis). so if 1GB of data cuts it for you, even with a financed device your looking at about $50 down, and about $45/month for your bill (25MRC and ~$20 for your device). not a bad deal if you ask me, much better then when your only option for a smartphone used to be paying $200 up front for your phone, and had no choice but to pay the minimum 69.99 for 450min with a $10 premium data fee….

  4. I like Sprint

  5. Just left Sprint after 4+ years. Had the original EVO 4G. Never once got 4G service where I live. Just got the N5 on Straight Talk using AT&T sim. Could not be happier. Paying less than half of what I was before with Sprint.

  6. Does this one get discounted $15 like the one up program

  7. The Framily plan is a joke, they do not allow you to group with other existing sprint customers, so it is not “EASY” to find 7 people to be grouped with to get the $25 a month sweet spot.
    I have 2 lines with sprint, the one’s contract was up this month and I opened up a line with metro pcs last night. Paying $40 a monthn INCLUIDING all surcharges and taxes is going to be so nice compared to the $90 I was paying with sprint per line.

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