LG G2 Android 4.4 KitKat update could begin late January; here’s a quick video of it


With Samsung beginning to upgrade their devices to Android 4.4 KitKat and HTC expected to do the same at some point soon, those in the LG camp were probably beginning to wonder when the upgrade would come out to the LG G2.

Thankfully, LG Saudi Arabia has shed some much needed light on that timeline. Folks in that region are in line to get it starting at the end of this month, according to the company’s Twitter page (though the post has since been deleted). South Korean users have already gotten it, though they are often first in line for everything considering that’s LG’s home turf.

We imagine they won’t be the one and only region to be enjoying it, so it’s probably safe to assume LG will start rolling it out in other regions to unlocked handsets from that time. Nothing’s certain, though, so don’t put too much stock into that. You should note that LG only ever promised to bring KitKat by the end of Q1, so even if they don’t make it to other regions in time they won’t necessarily be breaking that promise.

Android 4.4 KitKat will bring all of the usual improvements, such as Immersive Mode (full screen), the ability to switch between default messengers, and more, but LG’s custom user interface doesn’t seem to have changed much. You can see said changes in the video above. Most noticeable is a slightly different status bar, but LG’s custom user interface remains largely the same as it was in Jelly Bean. You can see if all for yourself in the embedded video, but be warned — it might make the wait for the OTA even harder.

[via GSMArena]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I guess that means that my Verizon G2 should get KitKat around March or April…

    1. Lmao. No. You’ll see it in December. Maybe.

      1. I was speaking of 2015

  2. It would be in LGs best interest to start rolling this out in the states by at least February. Still waiting on a kik kat update around the time new flagships launch wouldn’t look so good

  3. Are you allowed to replace that retarded soft legacy menu button with the recent apps button yet?

    1. With Xposed you can have pretty much any button layout you like, I have 4 buttons, for even more compatibility.

      1. Indeed you can, but not every user wants to go down that path, and more importantly; you should be able to have the standard functionality without hacks.

        1. Firstly you can reorganise the button layout on the LG UI even without root, its functionality built into the launcher, and secondly, as ive said many times, just because Google does it, it doesn’t make it right. Some of the choices Google has made recently have really started to turn me off Android, at least Stock android anyway.

    2. Yea I’d like to see them include that with the update as well… makes no sense

  4. You really can’t tell the difference with these skinned phones when they update to KitKat.

    1. LG have really skinned everything on that phone. My buddy wanted to switch from iOS to android when he tried my N5. He ended up buying the G2 instead, because it’s so similar hardware wise. He used it for one day and has been in the box ever since. I think i need to get him some cyanogenmod. I tried his phone myself, didn’t like it!

      1. Dont know why, the LG skin skin makes stock look retarded. With some mods you can make it look like Kitkat anyway, but still more functional.

        The LG launcher is probably the most easily modified and smoothest of any of the OEM skins and better than pretty much all custom launchers as well.

        1. I don’t agree on any of your opinions, the beauty of diversity :-)

          I think Samsung and LG make the worst looking skins, HTC does a great job on the design i think. There’s a concept behind it, just like the nexus phones, not just some random fisher price widgets, fonts and icons. Ok, that was a bit harsh ;-)

          1. Yes, but the launcher is very customisable unlike most of the others. LG Home is themeable, there are plenty of themes for it including Sense 5, TW, MIUI and Kitkat themes

      2. i have a nexus 4, i tried the G2, it seemed nice. Not to mention its camera blowing my camera out of the water. I’m waiting on the reveal of the new HTC One, if not that i’ll probably get a g2 when the time comes.

      3. I don’t think you should throw him in the Cyanogen pool if he’s having trouble with a simple skin. Just have him download a launcher and he’ll be fine.

        1. I definitely think it’s the solution. I’ve done it on many of my friends phones. They all love the vanilla android experience with added features. A simple launcher doesn’t do the job. I love Nova Launcher, but the settings, dialer, and many other things are still messy.
          He fell in love with my Nexus 5, and coming from iOS, he probably thought another android phone would be similar.

  5. That skin fuuuuglyy lol

  6. Lol @King James, yeah pretty much xD. Personally I don’t much care for Kit Kat, what I’ve seen so far doesn’t impress me. My xposed modules make my G2 exactly how I want it.

  7. Houstonn has an awesome 4.4 stock ROM for the G2. Turns the LG G2 into a beast mode nexus 5.

    1. Do you have a link by chance?

      1. A wide range of apps and games don’t work though, they have no touch input on any AOSP based custom rom on the G2, this includes all current KitKat roms so beware.

        1. Some games don’t work, I never had any problems with running and using apps. I don’t play games on my phone so its not an issue for me.

          1. For you, a lot of people do which is why the gaming market is so large. So what works for you and others is not the same and your “advice” should come with the warning.

  8. Hmm. Looks like OEMs are at least attempting to adhere to the white status bar icons and so forth in KitKat.

    That’s about the only noticeable change along with immersive mode, though. I’m sure there’s behind the scenes performance improvements, though.

  9. Nice. I don’t care what it looks like as long as I can root it and install Xposed. I’m looking forward to all the performance enhancements.

  10. Basically looks the same as 4.2.2 besides the white icons in the status bar. I’m sure the battery life an performance will be noticeably better. I was hoping for more stock features.

  11. 7 /

  12. Looks exactly the same as the previous skin. Should I have expected something different?

  13. Cool will be waiting for it, till then I will use this http://xperiahtcrootingrom.com/android-4-3-update-for-lg-g2-verizon-in-the-form-of-cyanogenmod-10-2/ Android 4.3 ROM for LG G2. Its also awesome but missing the 4.4 Theme.

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