Say hello to EvolveSMS, a beautiful KitKat themed app from the makers of Sliding Messaging and Talon


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It was almost a year ago we told you guys you about Sliding Messaging, a unique SMS application for Android devices that introduced a Google Talk-like slide out navigation menu, used for quickly switching between conversations. The idea was great, no denying that. But as we mentioned in our original post, there were more than a few issues that kept us from using Sliding Messaging as our go-to SMS app.

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Fast forward to today where the same developers — who just so happen to be the guys behind Talon, the new Twitter app we told you about earlier today — have emerged with an all new SMS app dubbed EvolveSMS. According to the developers, there are so many features crammed inside Sliding Messaging, it was impossible to completely stomp out (namely, the lag issue). So, they’ve decided to start anew, taking one of the best ideas from Sliding Messaging (the slide-out conversation view, namely) and have introduced it into a new SMS app built entirely from the ground up and for the masses.

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With a goal to deliver “everything that Google didn’t give us in Hangouts”, EvolveSMS is simply meant to be lightweight, simple to use, feature packed, and most importantly — beautiful. You’ll notice EvolveSMS features KitKat’s transparent status and nav bars, along with blurred out cover photos ala Google Wallet/Google+. The app supports themes, emoji, group SMS, password protection, and more.

EvolveSMS is completely free to download, just keep in mind the “Customization Pack” (themes, layout, etc.) is unlockable via an in-app purchase, along with the “Feature Pack” (blacklisting, individual notifications, etc.) running $1.50. Not too shabby considering this is probably the most feature packed SMS app currently available on Android. Great work, Klinker Apps.

UPDATE: In a post on Google+, the developers have stated that they will continue to support Sliding Messaging. While it might not have the speed of EvolveSMS, it will continue to have some of those added features not available in EvolveSMS. This means Sliding Message will be a viable option for Android power users, while EvolveMessaging is aimed at mass appeal.

Download on Google Play: EvolveSMS

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  1. no emoji’s = no dice

    1. it has the standard android emoji at no cost… just go to advanced>smiley keyboard and make sure its enabled… ive been using it for a few hours now, pretty sweet

  2. What about those of us who bought Sliding Messaging recently? Seems
    sorta shady to have to buy it again when the developer decides to make a
    new app instead of update the one I already paid for.

    1. Apparently this is so locked down, you can’t even change dark/light themes without buying something. Frustrating.

    2. Shady? No, I don’t think so. I do think they should have had some way to compensate all those that bought the previous version.

    3. Sliding Messaging Pro is still working properly. It didn’t stop working because they produced a new app. I’m not sure what the problem is?

  3. Installed it. Tried it for 5 mins. Not the same as hangouts.

    1. i must be in the minority because i dont like the messaging integration on hangouts.

  4. My biggest complaint right now is pressing the back button when in a conversation doesn’t take you to the conversation view like on Hangouts. If they can fix that, I’d say this app is damn near perfect.

    1. I can’t really see the difference between this and Hangouts. Can you?

  5. Way to buggy on my Nexus 5. Will be waiting for update.

    1. Yeah, trying to unlock the themes causes the app to force close. :/

      ‘Course, it’s early so I’m sure it’ll be fixed in a future update.

      1. Yeah it’s got some major bugs. After unlocking themes, any text I get causes the app to crash.

  6. Anyone having issues with the pop up not showing? I like the app otherwise. It’s really pretty.

  7. Pretty. Very much like hello sms.

  8. It’s pretty buggy on my phone as well. No idea why. First app to make my phone start acting up lol.

  9. Looks nice, but I see no reason to use this over hangouts.

  10. The developers are immature as hell and can’t take any form of criticism without responding sarcastically.

    On another note.. Idk why they’re fronting like this isn’t sliding messenger 2.0. Yeah you can customize everything more in sliding but this is a definitely their more refined experience.

    1. Yeah, the devs are assholes. He keeps complaining about answering “2000 emails a day”, but if he’d just sit the hell down and work on his app, he wouldn’t get as many emails.

  11. I purchased Sliding Messaging Pro which has more features, so I’ve no need for this app. But it looks pretty good for the average user.

  12. how do the group chats work on this? and is there gif support? and if anyone paid for the unlock does blacklist work like it does on handcent as in hides the thread and stops incoming texts until you unblacklist?

  13. This is a beautiful app and all but it still has some work. Very laggy when opening up from the notification panel.

  14. Is there any epic functional difference to the android-build-in SMS app?

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