Jan 7th, 2014


Yahoo announced today that they have acquired Aviate, a popular replacement Android home screen launcher. Aviate is by far one of the most impressive launchers on the Google Play Store, mainly due to the app’s contextual nature. In fact, many users have called Aviate the Google Now of launchers, since Aviate provides you with the right applications and home screens at the right time.

Aviate tracks your usage patterns and automatically categorizes applications you use on your Android phone based on context such as WiFi, GPS, time of day, or accelerometer. Through this learning nature, Aviate automatically gives you a home screen and apps, called a space, that fits your needs whether that be at home in the morning, driving, at work, or at home in the evening.  The more you use Aviate, the better it gets, automating your Android experience.

Yahoo seems to be going strong in the mobile space in 2014, adding Aviate to their arsenal is a smart choice. Yahoo plans to continue improving the launcher, but hasn’t announced any integration with existing Yahoo services or apps.

If you signed up for the Aviate private beta, the below email might be sitting in your inbox. Have no fear. Thanks to the Yahoo acquisition, the first 25,000 people to use the code “YAHOO” can give Aviate a try.

Avite Invite

Download Aviate on the Google Play Store.

Source: Yahoo!

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