Jan 7th, 2014


Pretty much everyone outside of America is sick of hearing how great the Moto X is without the ability to actually purchase one. That might be changing soon, though, as the company has started sending invites to European press for a big announcement on January 14th. It could be anything, but we’d find it hard to believe that Motorola would specifically point Europe out for anything other than their best phone yet.

For what it’s worth, Motorola did once mention that they would be looking to bring Europe a phone from the same “family” of devices when they were questioned about the lack of global availability for the Moto X. We can take that to mean that even if what we see next week isn’t a Moto X, it should come with a lot of the same features courtesy of the Motorola X8 Computing System. That would include Touchless Controls, Active Notifications and more.

Of course, our guess is as good as anyone’s, so we’ll leave it up to Motorola to dish out the official details once they hold their press event next week. Any of you European folks excited for Motorola to finally bring something your way?

[via Pocket-lint]

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