Eyes on the new Polaroid Socialmatic Android camera with instant film on board



At the kickoff of CES Polaroid announced a new Android-powered camera dubbed the Socialmatic, which we quipped looks a lot like the Instagram icon. That’s no accident. It’s the first camera from the famed company to combine an Android interface with Polaroid’s instant film. With the Socialmatic, you can get a true washed-out Polaroid print while retaining the original image to share via whatever Android app your heart desires.

The filters of apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic stem from and were inspired in part by Polaroids iconic lineup of instant cameras. The Socialmatic brings things full circle.


The Socialmatic’s 14MP sensor (and 2MP front-facing camera) routes images to the camera’s internal 2×3 ZINK printer as well as a 4.5-inch touch display, where a full build of Android Jelly Bean holds things down. Images can further be manipulated through apps and shared over the cameras built-in WiFi. Polaroid was also showing off an array of accessories, from customizable front plates to vintage-inspired cases and shoulder neck straps, all of which fit the vibe and looked pretty great.

As the camera is still getting the finishing touches before it launches this fall, we only eyed the Socialmatic from behind a panel of glass. We can’t speak for what looks to be a potentially awkward, clunky form factor for toting around on the daily, but as a novelty act it should do just fine. It’s mix of retro looks, old-school prints, and modern Android technology definitely show promise.

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  1. Interesting.

  2. This is a pretty cool idea. It’ll definitely appeal to a decent market if priced right.

  3. Neat.

  4. The price will make or break this device.

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  6. Today I want to buy it. When they release it with a price tag well over what it should be, I will no longer want to buy it. Story of our lives these days. Just one disappointing price tag after another.

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