AOKP and Paranoid Android ROMs updated with early KitKat builds


AOKP Paranoid Android collage

Over the Christmas holiday, while you were sipping on eggnog and spending some time off with the family, popular custom ROMs AOKP and Paranoid Android saw the release of their first KitKat builds.

Paranoid Android was first out the gate, announcing the beta release of their ROM, packing only a bare bones KitKat experience. Don’t worry, PA promises the usual goodies (Hybrid Engine, HALO, PIE) will be making their way to the ROM eventually, so check up with them for future updates.

AOKP was very much the same, releasing nightlies of Android 4.4.2, again, without the usual customizations and enhancements that make their ROM so popular. Really, this is only for those that love fiddling around their devices and want the absolute latest version of Android possible, no matter the cost. For the adventurous flashers, download links provided below.


Paranoid Android device page

AOKP device page

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  1. To bad they left Epic 4g touch out in the cold :(

    1. Yah – two baud you’re ainshunt fone isnt supported.

      1. Jesus Sunglasses has a point, Rider. Lololol.

    2. It’s ancient. What do you expect? You might get a port or unofficial.

    3. Thats a 3+ year old phone? Man either upgrade or don’t complain?

  2. now pacman 4.4 next maybe? :D

  3. Well gee I’m sorry I’m not a rich mommy’s boy who gets the latest and greatest every time something comes along. Fact is SOME of us do not make a lot of money, and simply don’t have the “luxury” of upgrading every 3-6 months a new device might pop up.
    It would be nice is all, if someone ported something for the lower end, but that’s ok, I can deal with it….not like I have a choice anyways huh?
    FYI I didn’t EXPECT anything, I was just commenting because those of us that are labeled “dirt poor” seem to just get left in the dust. This phone is very capable of running kitkat, and I have had it on this phone so I know for a fact it runs smoothly, but with the “it’s old” mentality, sadly people get left out. Seems to be a growing trend, screw the old stuff make room for the new, instead of catering to people as a whole, we only think of the elite and few who are fortunate to afford nice things in life.
    Enjoy your new toys, I’ll just have to sit back and watch, as I said I don’t have much of a choice.

    1. Best you figure out how to port. It’s not very hard. Xda has a how to. And development doesn’t have so much to do with age as it does popularity. Big time developers only develope for the most commonly used phones. I imagine most epic touch 4g users moved on to the s3 or s4 when a deal was running.

    2. it’s been much longer than 3-6 months, just saying. And its really tough for devs to update every single device. so they build for the devices with larger user bases, which tend to be newer devices

      1. I get that, and yeah it’s been longer I was just using that as a general statement, I’m not exactly sure the time frame, but it is quick, quicker than I can financially keep up with at least.
        I just find it sad that older devices don’t get supported when they can and will run the OS just fine, without any issues, smoothly, yet they just drop them off the list completely, so it’s not a matter of updating in this case, it’s not even listed in the supported devices.
        Given the concept of not supporting older devices means people such as myself will never see the use of said roms, because it will always be outdated enough that no one wants to support it anymore, simply because the “majority” of people these days upgrades almost immediately or at least within the first 6mo of a new phone releasing.
        I wish I had the mind and ability to understand even basic linux, and believe me I have tried, I had a virtual machine even a dual boot once, and it eventually goes completely over my head, not to mention the programming the rom to do things part of it…..easy for a person that knows it or that it comes easy to to say “it’s easy man” just like it’s easy for me to say I understand hardware, but explain it to my mother who is oblivious to hardware or even the terminology, isn’t as easy. I’ve never had the ability to just pick up and program, dunno why just don’t….where as hardware comes rather easy to me, some are programmer some are not, and when you do ANY coding be it web pages, or roms or anything it is a “form” of programming, because you are telling things what to do, ie: programming it

        1. I understand being financially strapped. I was there at one point in my life. That being said, you need to understand that manufacturers exist to provide us new products in hopes that consumers purchase their products to continue bringing in revenue on that stream. If the majority of consumers didn’t upgrade at least once a year, manufacturers would lose motivation, in my opinion, to produce greater and better products, less Apple, if the majority of consumers settled with a device that is three years old. Is this a first world problem? Probably, but capitalism is what keeps this country growing in every direction. As consumers yearn for the latest and greatest tech devices, manufacturers will due what they can to supply. Now, to say that you don’t have enough free income to upgrade is a bit far-fetched. There are tons of great phones at a reasonable price and more than one way to obtain them. If you absolutely wanted a new phone, you would find a way to purchase it.

    3. If you can’t afford a $300 phone once every year (Nexus), you have a problem.

    4. Calm down, calm down. Don’t get a big & %$@!

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