Dead Trigger 2 gets “the big update,” adds nearly double the game content


If you have yet to get tired of shooting zombies in the head with the biggest shotgun you can find, we have some good news for you. Dead Trigger 2 has gotten “the big one” — that is, it’s gotten one of its biggest upgrades ever, and it’s just in time for Christmas.


Madfinger Games tells us this update will bring us almost double the game’s current content, which means you’ll have a whole new smorgasbord of things to tackle and keep you busy over the holiday break.  Here’s a quick list of everything you can expect:

  • A new single-player campaign set in a brand new locale — China!
  • New totals: 3 regions, 15 environments, 30 weapons and over 150 missions
  • Limited-time Christmas-themed items
  • A full suite of achievements and challenges which reward you with in-game gold
  • New weapons: Big Hammer, Brain Mill, Machete and Butterfly Swords

What’s more is that Madfinger will be celebrating their award-winning holiday season with 1.5 times more free in-game gold between December 24th and 26th, and again between December 31st and January 2nd. The company is even updating the original Dead Trigger to optimize it for devices with higher resolutions, so that blunt trauma blood spatter is represented at the highest of quality.

This update should be huge, so you shouldn’t be heading to the Google Play Store before enabling WiFi. Taken care of that? Then there’s nothing stopping you from zombie mayhem because this download is absolutely free. Have at it!

[Google Play Store Download Link]

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  1. Still no Google play games support…

    1. That is not true, you arent looking hard enough. It has google login now and achievments through google games.

      1. Oh thanks. Last time I checked, it didn’t.

        1. It is under settings, not the main login screen.

          1. I found it. Thanks. They shouldn’t hide it though. It should be on the main screen.

      2. I just downloaded it, and it had no Google login. You lied to me…

    2. In the hideout (main screen) tap in the icon on the upper left that looks like an open book… thats the achievement screen where you can earn free gold by completing tasks.. and it is also where you login for Google Play Games.

  2. Been thinking about getting this game, can anyone say if it’s worth it if I’m not willing to spend real money for game currency?

    1. I have been playing it off and on since launch, havent spent a dime on it but it is an awesome game.

    2. This game is definitely worth it. No need to spend real currency.

    3. Now that you can get small amounts of gold by playing the game, it’s a lot better/easier. The worst part is the wait times.

    4. I’ve not had to spend a dime to advance in this game (or the previous Dead Trigger). both are worth having.

  3. Don’t update!
    Things are too expensive now

    1. From what I can tell they’re all generally the same cost as pre-update. And the levels give you more money now. And there’s an actual achievable way to get gold now. So it’s definitely better. I just hate waiting DAYS for an upgrade or weapon. So stupid.

      1. Are you joking?
        Before update, tech level 5 was at 80.000$ (I was almost there)
        Now they ask 180.000$

        1. But they also increased the reward you get from completing missions.

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